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andrea & nathan are engaged!

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our amazing clients continue to surprise us with their willingness to power through tough weather! friday night after we checked saturday’s weather (unrelenting rain all day!), matt and i started pouring (hah!) over our calendars looking for a time when we could reschedule saturday’s engagement shoot. we’d come up with a few dates when we got a call from andrea letting us know that shooting in the rain sounded like a fun and different engagement session and she was up for sticking to the original plan! matt and i were actually pretty excited, we’d never shot in the rain and we immediately had plans for using it to our advantage. we met up with andrea and nathan on the riverwalk in downtown augusta. armed with umbrellas, these two really were up for anything, and we started shooting rainfall and all! here are a few of our favorites from our rain date:

thank you guys so much for an awesome shoot in the rain! you guys are great sports; it was so fun getting to know you as a couple. we’re really looking forward to the big day!!

tiffany & andrew are engaged!

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this afternoon at piedmont park it was 45 degrees and overcast. my four layers of shirts (yes four, in march, in georgia) couldn’t keep the goosebumps away, and i stared in disbelief at the beautiful tiffany as she smiled and smooched her fiance in a delicate yellow halter dress. she and andrew definitely win the trooper award for their incredible attitude and endless smiles (possibly frozen smiles?) at their engagement shoot today. their playful personalities and free-flowing laughter made the afternoon so enjoyable for us all, we can’t wait to get to know them better before they tie the knot in june! here are a few of our favorite shots:










thanks tiffany and andrew for being so delightful to photograph, even with the weather! we’re looking forward to june!

lucy & grant are engaged!

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what a beautiful saturday we had in athens! the weather was unbelievably perfect, the company was outstanding, and the mood was playful. after grabbing some lunch with our close friends and fellow photographers, andrew and jaynah morgan, we headed to the 40 watt to meet grant and lucy. they arrived full of energy and we were off to explore their beloved city! lucy and grant cracked each other (and us!) up all afternoon, dancing, whispering, and goofing off. here are a few of our favorite pictures from the day:




i love this picture with the alley, it’s just so typical downtown athens:



this pic was taken in front of last resort, where grant and lucy had their first date!


for those of you familiar with athens, yes this is a church pew in the middle of clayton street. with matt involved who can be surprised?




thank you so much grant and lucy for an amazing day and an incredible shoot! i really hope we see you again soon, say, sooner than may 31st?! you two are awesome individuals and together you are one dynamite couple! can’t wait for you guys to get settled in atlanta!