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melissa & will are engaged!

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i cannot even WAIT to blog this week; there’s so much goodness to share!

we’ll start the fun with the couple i introduced you to in my last post, melissa and will. as expected, it was great to see melissa again and get to know will too! she totally cracked us up with stories about teaching a class of 20 four year olds; can you even believe that one day she saw a mouse in her classroom, managed not to freak out, caught it between two cups and escorted it outside, all without letting even one child realize what was going on? haha, amazing! spying on will as he watched melissa talk and laugh made me realize how perfect these two are for each other. there is no doubt he really delights in everything about her, and she in him. temperatures in the 40s could wipe a smile off any southern belle’s face, but will’s offhand sense of humor kept a twinkle in melissa’s eye. even when she was telling him to stop goofing off she couldn’t help but giggle while we were shooting. if you’ve ever wanted to see a picture of true love – see below; these two are in it for good!




i love the way matt incorporated the arch in this shot, he really has a designer’s eye!

determined not to hinder my mobility by wearing a bulky coat i wore two pairs of pants and three shirts – i was frozen. luckily, i love being active when i shoot so after some warming up i was ready for anything – even lying on my stomach in the gravel:



matt really nailed it when he found the wall below, the texture is just great!

i couldn’t end this post without a picture of her beautiful ring! look at all of the little details, it’s amazing! will has such good taste, huh?

melissa and will, thank you guys so much for a great saturday afternoon! you are beautiful people inside and out – such a pleasure to shoot!