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emily & matt are engaged!

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every september i’m surprised by the power of a couple of cool days to drive me outside. the first day i get to wear long sleeves with my shorts i do a little dance- really, long sleeves and shorts really changes things around the altmix house. for the last couple of weeks, matt & i have eaten every meal on the porch and biked as many places as possible. getting outside and enjoying how beautiful atlanta is in the fall is my favorite. and now to the list of ‘things we do to enjoy georgia in the fall’ i will add, in permanent ink, relaxing in a sunset of yellow daises at stone mountain park. seriously, i’ve never been so blown away by georgia’s beauty than the afternoon we spent with emily & matt wandering through the daises and across the blue-shadowed expanses of stone in the warm setting sun. and actually, i think i’ll add that we’re going to take emily & matt with us- because they are so much fun! they’re adventurous and laid back and up for anything- and they love being outside, surrounded by beauty, just as much as we do. as the four of us walked up to the huge granite bald that is stone mountain, matt & i were both overwhelmed by our surroundings- we actually had to take turns reminding one another that we were going to eventually lose light and there were so many other spots we wanted to try and we needed to move on! we’d been to stone mountain once before- on a foggy, rainy afternoon last summer- and we somehow missed the beauty of it but this time, not one detail was lost. as much as we tried to shoot efficiently, we still shot well into sunset- not realizing we were in complete darkness until we turned to finish the walk back to our cars- what a wonderful problem to have! :) emily & matt were troopers throughout and when we parted in the parking lot i really felt like we were leaving old friends. here is just a small sampling of our very favorite shots:

emily & matt, we had so much fun at your shoot- thank you for taking time out of your limited time in the same city to take some images! we are so looking forward to your wedding!

stephanie & josh are engaged!

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the week of stephanie & josh’s engagement session it rained. pretty much all day, every day. wednesday was supposed to be no exception- rain was in the forecast and the grey skies made all the leaves look even greener as the afternoon wore on. we watched from our office windows, keeping an eye out for an actual drop, waiting to see if we would need to reschedule their shoot but when 4:00 rolled around and still not a drop had fallen from the threatening skies, we decided to go for it. we met stephanie & josh at a nearby park and, sweet puppy and all, we dove straight into shooting! and not a drop ever fell! pretty sure i need to keep stephanie & josh with me at all times, not just because they’re awesome and fun to be around but also because i think the clouds listen to them! but alas, they live in germany. how awesome is that?? josh is an aircraft maintenance officer with the air force and they’ll be stationed in germany for the next three years! and being the excellent puppy parent that he is, josh is making sure that stephanie’s baby, lila, will be joining them for those three years- super sweet. we had a great afternoon with stephanie, josh & lila- who is the most adorable cocker spaniel ever ever- and we look forward to spending their wedding day with them soon!

look at this sweet little family!

my favorite:

matt’s favorite:

 stephanie & josh, we’re so excited about your upcoming wedding! see you soon! :)

sheri & brad are engaged!

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when sheri & brad met us for dinner a few months ago, we immediately realized there was something special about them. these two radiate life- i’m going to try to describe that more fully but i’m not sure i’ll succeed. their eyes sparkle, they speak passionately, they live intentionally- they’re inspiring. we talked with them about everything from gardening to pets to cooking and we found ourselves seeking their opinions on these things. they are so open and down to earth (and really knowledgable!), i had to check myself because i realized i kept asking questions about anything and everything not at all related to their wedding. ;)

i mean, who wouldn’t want to be this stunning, relaxed and blissfully happy!?

for their engagement images, sheri & brad decided to take us to a place very special to them- lake lanier. there, their sailboat is docked and the quiet water gleams. the afternoon we spent with them was perfect, ending in a beautiful sunset sail and a twilight dinner shared by all. we really are so blessed to have sweet clients like sheri & brad!

sheri & brad, thank you again for sharing such a beautiful evening with us! we really enjoyed getting to know you better and photographing you in this sweet spot. we can’t wait for your wedding! :)