lara & zack, preview!

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we can’t wait to share the rest of our incredible new year’s eve experience with lara & zack and their families so we thought we’d kick things off by sharing a couple images from their awesome rehearsal dinner! in general, i feel like rehearsal dinners can rarely be described as ‘awesome,’ but between surprise entertainment, david sweeney‘s carefully prepared and creative cuisine, a selection of lara & zack-inspired gelato and the heartwarming, tearjerking sentiments of family and friends, this night was fully enjoyed by all!

can’t wait to return with more lara&zack goodness to share!

nitya & neal: the sangeet!

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we usually stick to weddings and engagements on this blog but we just couldn’t resist sharing a few images with you from nitya & neal’s sangeet! it was such a joyous occasion and we feel so lucky to have been there to capture it. the evening started with dinner followed by much singing, skits, dancing and general celebration of the upcoming wedding. seeing their families and friends laughing together and getting to know one another was such a beautiful thing- we left the event full of excitement and anticipation for the following day! here are just a few of our favorites:

nitya & neal’s families are full of such vibrant, beautiful people! i love this next image of nitya’s parents:

neal took nitya completely by surprise by singing! it was so sweet to capture her as he sang, just so much love:

this was SUCH a beautiful evening- cannot even wait to share their wedding images!

the morgan family!

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i first met jaynah when i was a freshman in college- our boyfriends were roommates. she was going to school in augusta and we really only saw one another in passing on her visits to athens to hang out with andrew (her boyfriend since 8th grade!). i remember when they got engaged- seeing her ring and the excitement on their faces and later thinking to myself, woah, that might be us one day. fast forward several years and then it was our turn. thank goodness i had jaynah to answer my wedding questions and encourage me to look past the little things and focus on the joy of the big picture! fast forward again and it was time for us to get a puppy- jaynah & andrew were there to talk to us about their experience with breeders and puppies and help us know what questions to ask. fast forward once more. JUST KIDDING! we aren’t there yet. but you better believe when we’re expecting, jaynah & andrew will, once again, be answering all of our ridiculous questions, calming us down and being excited with us, just like always. jaynah is such a strong person, so incredibly talented in so many different areas. she’s the perfect wife to andrew and it’s so sweet to see him appreciate her and praise the wonder woman that he married. their sweet little two year old peyton wore matt and me out, completely, in just an afternoon! it only increases my admiration that jaynah keeps up with peyton’s energy and the demands of the little boy in her belly, while still rocking her career as an occupational therapist and finding time to get a pedicure. let’s all pause and give her a well-deserved salute! look at this sweet family:

seriously, peyton does not slow down! she literally ran for at least half of the session- if only i could have that kind of energy! we’re slowly learning what andrew and jaynah already know so well- go with the flow and capture all the quick, little moments that you can!

this next series just steals my heart. little peyton is SO loved and cared for and she just lights up when she plays with her parents. oh, this family:

jaynah & andrew, thank you so much for making the trip to atlanta to hang out with us! we miss you guys, can’t wait for you to call georgia home again, one day! can’t even wait to meet baby james!