the hunton family rocks at life.

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so matt and i have been sitting here trying to remember when exactly it was that we first met stephen. i know there was some email correspondence when stephen headed up a photography project for our community but i think we officially met him at a mixer hosted by the legendary, zack arias. sidenote for photogs: you should know this name, zack arias. if you’re at all interested in amazing lighting techniques, look into onelight. if you’re just starting out, look into photo 101. and if you’re into photogs with an inspiring passion for honest expression, you need to shake his hand. sidenote over. so we were at zack’s when we first met stephen. he was on the verge of quitting his day job and diving head first into photography and, of course, we totally wanted that for him. since that first meeting we’ve watched his portfolio explode with awesome projects. he is rocking it. when we first met kristine, we immediately understood why stephen felt the confidence to take a chance on starting his own business. kristine is just so strong! she’s encouraging and optimistic and adventurous- what a great pair they make! oh, and i can’t leave out that they are parents to two of the cutest kids ever, with the most energy i’ve ever seen in my life. seriously guys, you wonder how kristine maintains her hot mom physique? two words: adler & beckett:

this is pretty much the perfect sequence to capture their shoot- adler & beckett LOVE to run and they are so cute doing it! i can already tell i’m going to have a hard time disciplining my kids with a straight face if they are even close to as hilarious as these two!

thankfully, kristine’s sister rylie was there to entertain the boys (black eyed peas dance parties were the entertainment of choice, LOVE) while we grabbed some images of just stephen & kristine. this is a favorite of mine:

kristine brought popsicles for a treat at the end of the shoot and the silence that followed the opening of the pops was complete- adler & beckett are pretty serious when it comes to their treats! :)

a couple more of stephen & kristine before we called it a wrap; we just loved the texture of the corrugated metal:

stephen & kristine, thank you so much for trusting us to capture your family. it was something totally new for us and it gave us a whole new perspective on shooting action! ;) seriously, you guys have an awesome family and we hope you enjoy the images.

elizabeth anne designs, love!

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we first ‘met’ ami on valentine’s day in 2008. she left us some love on our spankin’ new blog and when i linked over to her site an hour passed before i realized it- i was hooked! both relatively new to the wedding world, ami & i found we had a lot in common and our relationship has continued all this time- thank goodness for gchat! we were lucky enough celebrate with her as she and her sweet husband renewed their vows last year in atlanta and we hope to continue the ATL hang outs with a little bark in the park action this fall! i think charlie & stellbell would be fast friends, don’t you? :) anyway anyway, since we love ami so much, we are especially flattered to see jennifer & morgan’s wedding featured on her site- elizabeth anne designs! click around and explore over there- but beware, the eye candy is addicting!

cake & pictures!

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first of all, i’ve never been a huge fan of cake. i grew up with cookies and brownies on my birthday- always avoiding the sponginess of dry, artificially flavored birthday cake. BUT THEN- i grew up! i started going to weddings! i started to work in the wedding industry- an industry fraught with cake obsession- and i had to give it another shot. this time it was different- i LOVED it! fresh raspberries, smooth ganache, rich vanilla- thank goodness i tried it again! i’m pretty sure i’d have been kicked straight out of this industry if things had gone differently… ;)

so it is with that introduction that i introduce you to a perfectly delightful website called cake & pictures -‘an exclusive directory of simply the finest wedding photographers in the world’ where you’ll find a lovely shout out to amy & dan and lil ole altmix photography, thankyouverymuch! so please jump on over to their site to leave them some love and check out the sweetness: