Photo Booth

rachael & billy: the photobooth!

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i’m a firm believer in the old (cheesy-ish) adage, ‘a picture is worth a thousand words.’ for example, this first set of images lets you know right away what awesome friends rachael & billy have- ready for huge amounts of fun and silliness and celebration from the moment they arrived! we can’t wait to share their wedding with you soon!

rachael & billy’s wedding had a vintage travel theme and they made sure the props fit right in:

overall winner:

 …wedding to follow! :)

lara & zack, the photobooth!

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just another sneak peek into lara & zack’s new year’s eve celebration! it was a great evening and much fun was had by all- our photobooth was set up between the dance floor and the bar, so obviously, it was hoppin! let’s get this party started with this fine gentleman in bow tie, cummerbund and cowboy hat-naturally! ;)

the next five images are all of immediate family- just to give you a taste of how fun these families were to capture hanging out and celebrating!

…wedding to follow!