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becca & ben: the photobooth!

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sometimes, two things combine to become more than just the sum of their parts. excellent example: becca&ben+photobooth. this is our longest photobooth post ever ever. enjoy!

shark pinata, brilliant choice, becca!

this is my favorite father/daughter image ever.

and then…crash! haha, the sign of a good night!

the last time we saw ben he looked like THIS. so, even though he shaved for the wedding, his awesome moustache was still celebrated.

you guys, i cannot even wait to share the wedding pics…can you even imagine after seeing these!??

tiffani & michael: the photobooth!

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tiffani & michael’s photobooth: we were all born superstars edition. :)

it should be noted that tiffani & michael are both dentists- so a tooth prop was a no-brainer!

wellll, now that gaga is stuck in my head (and will be for the next three days, at least) let’s keep it going! don’t be a drag… ;)

p-p-p-poker face, p-p-poker face (ok, seriously, i’ll stop;))

can’t wait to share their wedding images!

krystina & brian, the photobooth!

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photobooth images never fail to make us laugh out loud! i know that puts a lot of pressure on these next few images but i’m not too concerned- because when you get as many awesome people in one place as krystina & brian did on their wedding day, these things happen:

wedding images to follow, soon! :)