Photo Booth

laura & kenny: the photobooth!

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hey you guys, christmas is this week!! but before that, the night before to be exactly, is matt’s birthday! needless to say, we’re in overdrive trying to finish up all of our editing before the celebrations start- but really, editing surrounded by christmas lights (oh yes, i’m an indoor light girl!) and the smell of whatever is in the oven really makes it seem much less like work!

something else that makes it seem less like work? these smiles:

wedding images to follow, soon! :)

erica & garey: the photobooth!

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as i sit here processing erica & garey’s wedding pictures i am getting more and more excited about sharing them with you- soon! but first! a little sneak peek into how awesome they are via…THEIR PHOTOBOOTH! behold:

wedding pics to follow soon! hope everyone has a fabulous halloween (it’s one of my favorite times of year to facebook stalk- i LOVE costumes!), :)