Colleen & Edmund’s Wedding at Monday Night Brewing

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The first time I got to know Colleen & Edmund was on the patio at Midway for drinks. I had recently shot their friend’s wedding, and being recently engaged themselves, they were ready to start thinking about what their own wedding might look like. After talking through potential venues we digressed to talking about Music Midtown, grad school, and dating long distance since Edmund was in grad school in Delaware. It was casual and felt natural- natural, as in “this is what ‘business’ should feel like”. We hardly talked about their wedding photography, but rather, we got to know each other as people.

Four months later I was excited to hear they booked Monday Night Brewing and that securing a photographer was next. ;) Their wedding day came a year later and I couldn’t have been more excited to be a part of it. At this point I considered Colleen & Edmund friends, other friends were going to be there as guests, another friend was shooting with me, and the wedding and reception were taking place at our friend’s brewery! All the makings of a very ‘Atlanta’ wedding.

Below are some personal favorites but head over to FB for more, or to their gallery to view all of their images.
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Harmony & Thanh’s Wedding at Glen-Ella Springs

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I was only going to share a couple favorites from Harmony & Thanh’s wedding- but I found that to be next to impossible for their beautiful day. Here are a dozen that stood out to me; whether because of their emotion, the composition, or the light, maybe it’s just a feeling I got from reliving such personal moments again. If you want the full story, head over to Facebook and feast away.
Their full gallery can be found HERE.