laura & matt are married!

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no doubt you remember laura & matt from their rockin’ engagement session; it still has to be one of our favorite ever. after hanging out with them that afternoon we were ecstatic (to put it mildly ;) ) to shoot their wedding; they are so amazing to work with- full of creativity and smiles and love! laura and i have stayed in close contact talking details and sharing excitement; really by the time july 12th rolled around i felt such a happiness for them i couldn’t even wait to start shooting! …but i did, seeing as i arrived juuust as everyone was waking up, making it quite unpopular that i was even holding a camera! after some chick-fil-a everyone was ready for the day, quality atlanta cuisine will do that to ya! (man do we love cfa around here!) let’s start the day with hair, by the fabulous rachelle talley. she flew through unique style after unique style and still found time to help with makeup! she’s working on opening up her new salon so at the moment she’s in transition, contact me for her info if you’re interested. ok back to the day, i can’t ever resist a spray shot:

finishing touches before we head to the carl house:

while laura and her ladies packed their wedding gear into the cars the flower girls chased butterflies, how perfect is that? definitely like a movie, except for all of the buds they stripped off the poor plant each time a butterfly landed on a flower…still, just adorable:

finally we arrived at the carl house and after a few checks to make sure matt was nowhere in viewing distance of laura we dashed inside to the bridal room to finish getting ready:

across the hall the boys were relaxing and savoring the ac:

suddenly, it was time:

and then it was finished and we snapped a few shots of mr. and mrs. matt godfrey enjoying their first few moments of marriage before it was time to get the party rollin’. rarely do we mess with color but we were feeling the vintage look with this shot:

i am in love with this next picture! high five to my husband who managed to capture this flash, we always get excited when that happens (read: we are huge nerds, haha):

laura, such a classic and beautiful image:

ooo yeay! our first wedding with a candy bar!  laura had so many beautiful candies with adorable little favor boxes to create your own mix. i totally love this idea and the guests really enjoyed it too:

laura & matt, thank you so much for asking us to capture your amazing day. i cannot tell you enough how perfect everything was and how your excitement for love and marriage and foreverness rubbed off on everyone there. laura, as you start your wedding planning career please keep in touch! i know a few ladies who’d loooove to work with someone as amazing as you! :)

trisha & brody are married!

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you all know what we do about two wedding weekends (we don’t!), but this was a special case. matt lived with brody for three years in college and when they asked us to shoot their wedding we just couldn’t say no. now friends, this was no ordinary wedding. this was a surprise wedding! what?!? i know…that’s what we said. we agreed to shoot knowing that if anyone in the whole world could pull this off it would be brody and trish- and oh, they pulled it off! brody is a youth pastor and trish spends a lot of time with the church as well so their first decision was made for them, they would have it at their church on a sunday morning…during the service. from there the plan was for brody to do the children’s sermon about getting married by showing them how a wedding works. there were small exclamations and whispers as the congregation began to catch on to what was happening. when brody finally invited trish to walk down the aisle, eyes were glistening all around me. it was quite the surprise!  here are a few of our faves:

brody grabbing the ironing board while zo hams it up for the camera:

meet trish, isn’t brody sooo lucky?!

one of my most favorite shots ever, the detailing in her dress was amazing:

headed to the church, i like the slight edginess to this photo, totally goes with this couple’s style!

brody about to get things started, i just cannot imagine what he’s feeling, hardly anyone in that church knows what’s about to happen and i know he was totally excited but didn’t want to give it away- so much emotion!!

look at these two, gosh, their love is so evident!

their reception was a fiesta for the whole church! the decorations were awesome and the food was delish (and homemade!!).  we just couldn’t resist this shot:

and they’re off! where they went after this bubbly exit was a surprise too, even to trish! 

trish & brody, you know we love you. you know we think you rock. you know you threw an awesome wedding and party, but let me tell you something. we love you. we think you totally rock and your wedding was just perfect for you and tons of fun!

kaney & lewis are married!

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i’ve mentioned before that i always get a little nervous when we don’t have a chance to meet the bride and groom before the wedding day; this past saturday was no exception. but the nerves that had been creeping in since my alarm that morning were immediately tossed out of the picture when i met kaney. her warm, genuine and relaxed smile assured me we had plenty of laughter and fun ahead of us… and that was my understatement of the day! their whole day was overflowing with excitement and love pouring in from everywhere! in no time at all it became clear to me that these two are surrounded by intensely loyal and loving friends and family; the excitement during the ceremony was practically tangible! …and i’m writing too much and you’re here for the pics, haha, here are a few of our faves:

this piece of lace being worked into kaney’s hair was given to her by lewis’ mom; it’s a piece from her own wedding gown. isn’t that perfect and just so stunning!?

matt’s first homemade macro shot, i’m pretty much in love with it!

lewis’ mom helping him out with his suspenders:

their beautiful ceremony was held at the dekalb history center (old decatur courthouse) and really, what an amazing venue!

kaney’s brother came to meet her to escort her down the aisle; he was so excited for her he could hardly contain himself, it was quite an emotional few minutes!

finally kaney met lewis at the front- after a few hours of not seeing each other these two were more than ready to reunite and get married!

in a very personal part of the ceremony each of their parents read a passage and poured a portion of water into this beautiful basin:

we haven’t done this before but this wedding just begged for some detail boards!

onto the reception in the grand salon and terrace at the fabulous fox theatre!  

i definitely picked up from the toasts that kaney loves to dance but i wasn’t quite ready for just how awesome she is when she hits the dance floor! i wish i could have picked up some dance pointers but i was just in awe pretty much most of the evening!

beautiful white orchids adorned the ceremony and reception sites and were given as gifts at the end of the evening; love it! as we were leaving, kaney gave us our very own orchid to enjoy!  if you know me you know how i love plants and how i tend to love them to death…like…literally. don’t worry, i’ve called my grandmother and she’s mailing me an orchid-care article asap. kaney, it’ll be well cared for, thank you so much!

hip hop pioneer dj red alert kept the dancing going strong all night:

here are a few of our favorite details from the reception, between keri and bold american catering everything was simply beautiful!

kaney & lewis, thank you guys for an amazing day! we are so thrilled that you chose us to capture it all!  you’ve inspired matt to a. learn to dance and b. get into classic hip hop. i’m not sure yet if he’s quite a natural dancer like you. ;) you guys rock and we can’t wait to share with you even more of your beautiful images!