jessica & mark are married!

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we got to tybee island early enough sunday morning to stop for a big breakfast before shooting.  over coffee (and coffee refills :)) we went through our normal routine:

* read over their contract and questionnaire to refresh ourselves on what is most important to them about their day

* talked about how to creatively capture “must have shots” based on our environments

* brainstormed how to shoot this wedding better than we’ve ever shot before

this conversation happens before every shoot we do, it’s important to us to remain creative and fresh, and it was especially important to us on sunday as we sat there preparing to shoot our second wedding of the weekend, and the wedding of a good friend of matt’s.  

i didn’t know jessica well so i walked into their beach house a little behind matt expecting to wait for all of the joyous greetings to subside before i introduced myself.  jessica and her ladies had other plans and immediately i was whisked into their lives and felt right at home!  i really love getting to know bridal parties while i shoot, everyone is always so thrilled to be there and it really inspires me!  jess and her ladies had a relaxing morning planned, they told stories and kept each other (and me) laughing over coffee and diet coke.  love them!  

i think i heard jess say she was about to get in the shower 15 times before she finally tore herself away from her friends to start officially getting ready, it was just that good of a time!  

meanwhile mark and the guys started their own version of getting ready including: burgers, ping pong, and finally…ties.

we took a few beach shots before the ceremony, this is my fave:

on the way to the ceremony site, perfectly beach-y tulle!

earlybirds at the ceremony:

jessica and mark had personalized fans as programs, double duty, great idea!

and it begins, here’s a sweet photo of jessica’s father taking one last glance at his daughter before he gives her heart to mark.

yeay!  they did it!! after the ceremony we shot a few family pics, mark has a huge family and we took this one with the bird for fun:

a few more beach shots (love the tiptoes!) before the reception:

oh, you know this song!! :)

toward the end of the night jessica’s grandparents led everyone in a greek dance!

and they’re off for their huge honeymoon!

jessica and mark, you guys rock, seriously!  we loved spending the day getting to know you all better.  it was especially sweet for matt to see so many great friends and for me to meet them all! :) enjoy your new life to the fullest!!!!

leanne & ed are married!

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leanne and ed’s wedding was an intimate affair at the marlow house in marietta this past saturday.  family and friends socialized excitedly downstairs as upstairs leanne’s best friend secured the final buttons and ed read the sweet note that accompanied the new watch he was wearing.  leanne slowly snuck downstairs, careful to stay hidden from her guests…and especially ed.  

the best man helped out by blocking any possible peek ed could have grabbed, good man!

the ceremony was a short and sweet time of commitment and love.  not only did ed and leanne pledge their lives to one another they also included a unique sand ceremony with ed’s daughter to symbolize their new family.  the sun shown down and the breeze blew softly, what a perfect day to start a new family!

the ceremony ended and there was still a lot more celebrating to do!  here are a few of our favorite photos from the rest of the night:

leanne is a very sentimental person and she had taken tons of time to collect old family pictures and place them around the marlow house.  the pictures were great conversation starters and really brought the families and friends together!  great idea leanne!  (this image is preceremony, preframe, i think this one ended up on a mantle.)

i really loved the lace leanne found for her cake, it went perfectly with the feel of her day!

their guest book consisted of grabbing a sheet and finding a chair, drawing a picture of yourself and sharing a bit of your heart and humor with the couple.  no doubt this will become a family heirloom!

just before the reception really got underway leanne changed into her dance-friendly reception dress.  based on the dancing that followed it’s a good thing she did! :) but first, a toast by her brother:

the star breakdancer of the evening:

and they’re off!

leanne and ed, thank you guys so much for including us in such a momentous occasion!  we really enjoyed capturing it all for you.  i hope mexico is as sunny and warm and relaxing as you two deserve, best wishes!!


bonnie & david are married!

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we fell in love with bonnie and david during their engagement shoot. their energy and creativity blew us away and though we didn’t think it was possible, their wedding still blew us away (even further? :)). it was amazing!! every detail was meticulously planned by the unendingly creative bride and her equally fabulous mom (you just wait!) and really, i couldn’t get enough it! whew, i’ll take a breath and start at the beginning…

the lovely ladies started their day off right – with laughter and presents and a big breakfast at early girl eatery in downtown asheville, nc.

bonnie’s dad surprised everyone with his wedding gift the day before – he handed david the keys to his dream – a big diesel truck for him to convert to biodiesel. (sidenote: bonnie and david live an impressively green lifestyle, you’ll see more of this later!) when we arrived we got the short version of the story before the guys piled into the truck and headed up the blue ridge parkway for a small hike and a (freezing cold) swim.

meanwhile, the ladies walked from breakfast over to the salon for styling and took turns ooohing and aaahing over bonnie’s perfect birdcage veil, crafted by her mom (of course) and studded with a perfectly sewn satin flower and a few feathers. oh, this is just the beginning!!

while i was steeped in bobbie pins and hairspray and loving it, matt was 100% in his element with the guys. when i met matt his reputation consisted of simply ‘he’s crazy,‘ so when i saw the pictures he took of the guys, it was definitely a throwback!

i mentioned earlier that bonnie’s birdcage veil was only the beginning of her mom’s brilliance, here is a sneak peek into the rest:

bon’s mom is an unbelievable seamstress, which means bonnie’s dress shopping consisted of cutting a picture of her favorite dress out of a bridal magazine and material shopping with her mom, how awesome! there are no words for how perfect her dress was. it fit her amazingly and honestly just the slip under the dress was beautiful enough to stand alone as a wedding gown. a piece of lace from her mom’s own hand-sewn wedding dress was stitched into the slip, a perfect detail with incredible meaning. as bonnie’s mom and future mother in law helped her into her breathtaking dress i couldn’t help the lump in my throat, or the subsequent watery eyes…

switching back to the gentlemen – how fabulous are these ’bouts?! bonnie worked with the incredible janet of enchanted florist and together they traded traditional flowers for herbs, twigs, berries, feathers, and seed pods, the result was totally amazing and totally ‘her.’

onto the ceremony at the beautiful crest center! (don’t miss her adorable shoes, she and all her ladies wore leaf green heels, perfect with the theme and absolutely re-wearable!)

this next picture makes me so happy, just look at those smiles! congrats guys!!

time for celebration! i love this first dance shot, what a good lookin’ couple!

bonnie and david are great dancers, they had such a great time tearing it up together:

an irresistible shot of those green shoes ;)

one of bonnie’s bridesmaids worked it out with the band to sing a song to the newlyweds, it was such a sweet moment:

and they are off to riviera maya!

bonnie and david, you guys are so perfect together. the way you talk to each other and smile at each other is impossible to overlook, you’re love is so apparent! i hope you are having an amazing and relaxing honeymoon; thank you so much for choosing us to be part of such an incredible day!