sally & andrew are married!

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sally and andrew walked down the aisle exactly six years after their first date! it was a much anticipated day full of excitement, love and a few nerves. sally and i had been in pretty much constant contact since their engagement shoot and it was really awesome to watch the number of exclamation points rise steadily with each email she sent. when matt and i arrived in augusta on saturday i really do think that we were almost as excited for them as they were! their love is so evident; they planned every aspect of wedding together and saturday morning they took a break from finalizing details to share a big pancake breakfast at ihop. see, aren’t they just so lovable?! here are a few of our favorite shots from their day:

thank you guys so much for allowing us to be a part of such a wonderful day! we look forward to keeping in touch, best wishes!!

the levett wedding!

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all weddings are different, they each have a unique feel that stems directly from the personality of the couple. this past weekend, on the beach in front of his family’s old house, aaron married sesha in a ceremony overflowing with smiles and a couple of tears too. the sky was blue, the waves were rustling, and the sand reflected the footprints of friends and family from all across the country who came to celebrate with this loving couple.

following the ceremony was a celebration at the surf golf & beach club. aaron and sesha are a self-described unconventional couple and for their reception wanted nothing more than a big party for their friends and family. they were laughingly talked into cutting the cake together but in general abandoned traditions and focused on catching up with friends and family. it was an enthusiastic celebration filled with dancing, laughing, and love; here is their story in a few of our favorite pics:



the lovely bride! she passed on hairspray and makeup and she looks simply radiant:



the adorable (and oh-so-polite!) flower girl:


son (groom) and father (best man) catching some quality time before the ceremony:


sesha’s big brother glancing back one last time at his sister before she’s married:


the moment everyone has been waiting for!


the groom just caught sight of his bride, what a lucky lady :)





pure joy, i love this shot:



reception time!







thanks for a great day aaron and sesha, we wish you a lifetime of happiness together!

no doubt the universe is unfolding exactly as it should.