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Maggie & Jonathon are Married!

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early autumn is a popular time in atlanta- the oppressive heat of summer has abated but the sun is still warm and brilliant- glittering over buildings, making trees seem even greener and more lush as hints of yellow and orange creep onto the leaves. everyone is outside and active and smiling- which makes it the most popular time to host a huge festival- one that takes over a large portion of the city and draws crowds from around the country- music midtown. it was on this beautiful weekend that maggie & jonathon were married- at the peachtree club in the middle of, you guessed it, midtown. this may not seem like an ideal situation to any outsider reading this but i am so happy that maggie & jonathon were able to tune out the crowds, the traffic and the distant bump of bass and really focus on one another and beginning their new life together. not everyone would have been able to stay as centered and present as the two of them. which i think bodes well for their future- if being together means the chaos of the world fades into the background- that can only mean good things for maggie & jonathon. we couldn’t be happier for them- here are a few of our favorite images from their wedding day.

i LOVE the plum maggie chose for her bridesmaids- so rich and beautiful for the start of fall in atlanta. :)

maggie & jonathon, we wish you two the very best! thank you so much for having us there to capture your wedding day!