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betsy & fletch are married!

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matt and i first met betsy & fletch at one of our favorite spots on atlanta’s westside, jct bar. we arrived early, like we usually try to do, to make sure there was a table available. we chatted about who knows what- mostly because during that time we’re both keeping one eye on all doors for a couple to enter who looks like they are looking for someone else. which, btw, has resulted in us almost introducing ourselves to many couples just scanning the room for a free table for their post work happy hour- embarrassing. ;)  anyway, betsy & fletch arrived and we immediately loved them. betsy is warm and down to earth- easy to talk to and full of energy. fletch is quieter, quick witted and engaging and his eyes rarely leave betsy. we ordered fries and cocktails and spent our happy hour getting to know one of the sweetest couples ever- sometimes i forget this is a job. :)

since i was unavailable to shoot on their wedding day, matt & i were so happy to find that our friend anne was available to step in- she’s awesome. it wasn’t easy to send matt off alone that day but i was 110% confident that anne would be the perfect fit for betsy & fletch’s wedding day. thank you anne!!

i love this next set of images- betsy seeing her father for the first time. the emotion on both of their faces is such a testament to their relationship- such a sweet moment to capture. :)

a beautiful close shot matt took during portraits- this is one of my favorites:

betsy & fletch, we are so, so happy for you two! thank you for including us in your day- we’re so glad we got to know you! we wish you the best!

vanessa & christos are married!

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a long time ago, when it was perfectly acceptable for me to sip margaritas on sunny monday afternoons at holy taco, matt & i had the pleasure of meeting vanessa & christos. they were down to earth and their warm smiles and fascinating stories kept us happily in our seats as the sun fell lower. sometimes during a meeting i find myself wishing i was shooting right then- capturing the way they look at one another as the other talks, capturing the love and laughter as they relay their own story to us. such beautiful moments! but in those times i quickly realize that shooting their wedding day will be a wonderful treat and it makes us even more grateful to them for inviting us in to their celebration. vanessa & christos’ wedding day was so relaxed and full of sweet moments and laughter- we didn’t see any of the stress that can often sneak in- nothing could take away their smiles. they kept such a great perspective on the day, soaking up the smiles of their family and friends, dancing and catching up and still finding quiet moments to be together throughout it all. i really love these two. :)

christos’ quiet words kept vanessa grinning the whole day. it was so sweet to see the two of them so wrapped up in one another, so quick to laugh together and so obviously in love.

i know matt already tweeted this image but i could not leave it out of this post. i love quick moments like this during family portraits- some might consider this an outtake- i think it’s a beautiful image of a family that really loves one another and has a lot of fun. :)

vanessa & christos, thank you so much for inviting us in to your beautiful wedding day. we loved capturing you two as well as your family and friends. we wish you the very very best!

Staci & Michael’s Wedding at Hotel Indigo, Athens

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Allow me to introduce you to our friends, Staci & Michael. They make you smile. Just being around them makes you feel like you’re living life a little more fully. Staci & Michael notice detail, splendidly tiny moments, and they take time to enjoy them. They are intentional, speaking words of kindness to one another and also to all of those around them. They are sensitive and imaginative and passionate and fun. I should have mentioned fun first, actually, because Staci & Michael have a LOT of fun! I was literally smile/laughing through their entire reception and have been really excited to share these with you so i’ll quit trying to describe these two in words- because, look:

Staci & Michael’s ceremony was held at the Seney Stovall Chapel in Athens- we were happy to have their first look nearby before exploring the grounds and then heading downtown to shoot around some of Staci & Michael’s favorite spots.

It’s best when these little moments just happen, love this set:

Their reception was held at the stunning Rialto Room in the Hotel Indigo, I’m digging these ceilings:

This next little series  makes me smile- Staci twirling before heading back to the reception in her dancing dress:

Staci & Michael’s parents had so much fun at the wedding- tearing up the dance floor with the entire family!

Staci & Michael, thank you both for inviting us to be part of such a beautiful celebration- we love you guys and we look forward to seeing you soon!