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Julia & Ben’s Wedding at Summerour

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Julia & Ben are our kind of people- I had pretty much decided that months prior when we met up with them to talk about their wedding. Ben had ridden his bike because thats just how he does, even though it was raining! That’s when I decided we needed to be there for them on their wedding day. Sure it didn’t hurt that their wedding was held at Summerour Studio, or that the day was directed by the lovely Ashley Baber. Their wedding day was just so real- everywhere we looked there were moments we were excited to capture. These two have an incredible magnetism- they were always surrounded by smiling friends and family making every second alive with fun and emotion. We found ourselves so energized and inspired by Julia & Ben’s authenticity, that we could have done it all over again, so obviously we had to share their wedding with you:

Their rabbi quickly became one of our favorite people:

I love this next series of Julia & Ben parting at the end of the Ketubah signing just before the ceremony.

I love the traditional Jewish marriage ceremony for some many reasons- one being how involved the parents are in every detail. Julia & Ben certainly have great relationships with their parents and the happiness and excitement coming from the Chuppah was so obvious to all in attendance.

After a quick bustling of her dress, Julia & Ben retreated to a private porch to enjoy one another, the perfect weather and a little picnic. This quiet time was such a beautiful part of the day and Julia & Ben were just so relaxed and comfortable as they lounged before they went down to cocktail hour to greet their guests. I love it.

After their first dance, Julia & Ben’s parents and siblings and best friends gave toasts. It was so fun to hear more about Julia & Ben’s relationship as well as see the love and confidence those around them have in their relationship- beautiful.

yvonne & jesse are married!

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yvonne & jesse, wow. i really don’t even know where to begin describing this beautiful couple. somehow, their love for one another and their commitment to one another extends past just the two of them. it’s almost like there is so much love between them that they can’t help turning outward and touching the world around them. their friends and family experience this, yes, but also those people who are underrepresented, whose voices are not always heard. yvonne & jesse share so much of their time and talents with various nonprofits around atlanta- really, they are so inspiring! so you can only imagine how sweet their wedding day was, not only for the two of them but also for everyone who has seen these two fall in love and become such a force of good in so many communities. we were honored to be a part of their day!

this next set makes me tear up a little- i mean, look at jesse’s parents! they could not be more proud and happy.

this series is one of my favorites in a long time- so dreamy!

yvonne & jesse chose one of their favorite restaurants (and ours!) sun in my belly to cater their reception- as always, delicious and beautifully presented!

this series of yvonne’s dad and jesse’s mom really makes me smile- their families were so excited to become one big family- it was so sweet!

yvonne & her mom:

late night treats from our favorite bakery in atlanta, the little tart bakeshop:

yvonne & jesse, congratulations! it was such an honor to celebrate and capture your beautiful day! i know we’ll be seeing you around the city (we like too many of the same restaurants for that to not happen soon!;)) and i look forward to hearing what new adventures you’re taking together!