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heather & trey are married!

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sometimes it just seems like there is too much wedding inspiration to absorb, incorporate, diy- etc and it’s easy to feel a sense of fatigue or frustration set in as you mindlessly flip through beautiful image after beautiful image on the glossy pages of a magazine or the endless scrolling that is: pinterest (or maybe that’s just my own experience??). while it’s true there is probably always something else that could be done, it’s also true that having the perfect wedding for you means focusing on a few key things- and those change for every couple. it seems best to figure out your nonnegotiables, focus on making those exactly what you want them to be, and then close the computer and enjoy your wedding! a couple of weeks ago we shot a wedding in one of our second-home cities, athens, and it was one of the most beautiful days of fun, energy, smiles and love that i’ve ever been a part of! heather & trey know each other- they know each other’s personalities, priorities and hearts. their day was overflowing with what was most important to them- which, translated, means spending all of their time and energy surrounded by friends and family having the best day of their lives. :) i’ve rarely seen two people so connected and so in their element and comfortable on their wedding day. heather & trey are so naturally engaging and their energy and excitement is so infectious that not a moment of celebration was lost! matt and i found ourselves just as caught up in the celebration as the guests, and we feel so blessed to have been a small part of their perfect wedding!

heather’s cousin’s boyfriend (i hope i have that right!) is a classical pianist and he spent a few minutes playing while the girls were getting ready. so calming and inspiring!

heather stuck with her trademark curls for her wedding day- i loved her natural look!

while the girls sipped champagne at the beautiful, new, hotel indigo, the guys hung out at the rooftop bar at the legendary georgia theatre– classy in the classic city.

heather is stunning.

i love this image of heather and her sweet mom- they have so much fun together!

after a few portraits at the hotel, everyone headed across the street to the foundry for the ceremony:

somehow, trey’s wedding ring was left at the hotel and they quickly improvised with heather’s dad’s college ring! but the MOMENT the ceremony ended one of heather’s bridesmaids flew back to the hotel to get the ring and it was on trey’s finger just minutes after the ceremony ended!

back at hotel indigo, guests gathered in the rialto room ready to cheer on the newlyweds the moment they walked through the doors!

i love this emotional image from heather and her dad’s dance:

 heather & trey, you two are so perfect for one another! we had so much fun on your wedding day- thank you so much! we wish you the very best! go dawgs!!

kelsey & tyler are married!

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kelsey & tyler are two of the most fun and loving and funloving people we’ve ever had the pleasure of capturing. they have such a good time together and the minute you meet them you realize that they are best friends. they have traveled all over the world and have shared some truly amazing experiences. now they can add their wedding day to that list- because it was a seriously awesome celebration! their friends and family were all so encouraging and excited for them- it really felt like every second held it’s own beautiful, personal little moment which is why this post contains waaaay more pictures than usual. sorry!

everyone got ready in lovely rooms in the renaissance hotel overlooking the biltmore– where the wedding and reception would take place- what a sweet detail!

kelsey’s little brother walked in to see her while she was getting ready- they shared such a sweet moment- it’s clear these two are close:

meanwhile, tyler was busy finalizing his vows:

kelsey’s dad met her downstairs before she went up to meet tyler- they embraced and talked each other out of crying. ;)

remember that view from kelsey’s hotel room? here it is again! matt has had this shot in his mind for quite a while and kelsey & tyler were the perfect couple for it! a pretty epic image resulted- i love it:

while the guests enjoyed cocktail hour, the ceremony site was flipped and magically became a beautiful reception! this is one of my favorite room shots in the history of altmix photography, inc.:

the bridesmaids surprised kelsey with a song they had written especially for her and tyler:

these images make me laugh- stretching before beginning their first dance:

 kelsey & tyler, we feel so blessed to have been a part of your wedding day- thank you so much for including us and trusting us to capture such a beautiful event! we wish you the very best and we can’t wait to see pictures from your incredible honeymoon tour! :)

ashton & michael are married!

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one year and seven months ago we met ashton & michael. we were shooting nicole & david’s wedding and michael was a groomsman- ‘the one with the sweet girlfriend’ as we remember him. since then ashton & michael have gotten engaged, gotten a sweet puppy, finished law school and are both working as lawyers in atlanta. since then matt & i have…let’s just say we’re impressed by these two go-getters! ;) individually they are talented, passionate people and together they are an absolute force! but what you notice first about them isn’t their brilliance (although that’s quite obvious, too)- it’s the kind and honest way they connect with those around them. as we captured their day we noticed that every single person smiled ear to ear the minute they caught sight of ashton & michael- their friends and family were clearly so happy to see the two of them together. it was a sweet, relaxed day of celebration and love- perfect!

after the ceremony ashton & michael slipped away with us to wander around (and through!) the nearby gardens- we’re so glad they did! :)


 ashton & michael, thank you again and again for including us in such a beautiful day! we wish you guys the best!