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jessica & ben are married!

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i’m not sure if i’ve mentioned this once or 500 times (most likely closer to 500?;) but asheville, north carolina is just the most amazing place. it is also responsible for some of the most wonderful, adventurous, talented people we have had the pleasure of meeting- like jessica & ben. these two met in sixth grade, officially started dating in high school, and since then have shared countless adventures as best friends who happen to also be very obviously in love. perfect. :) i first met jessica in 2008- she was a bridesmaid in one of the first weddings matt and i ever photographed! one year later, jessica was again a bridesmaid in another wedding we photographed so suffice it to say, she was pretty familiar with our work when it came time to planning her own wedding day. :) we are so honored she contacted us and it was so fun to see so many familiar faces as i flipped through these beautiful images matt captured of her wedding day. but my very favorite part was seeing jessica & ben interact through these images. i’ve never met ben but i am just amazed by how these images make me feel like i have. he and jessica both wear their happiness in their brilliant smiles and sparkling eyes and seeing the way they look at one another makes me excited for their future together. here are a few of our favorites from their wedding day:

the morning of jessica & ben’s wedding day dawned with a steady rain. despite the weather, jessica & ben were determined to have their wedding on the beautiful overlook they’ve imagined since the day they secured the nc arboretum. they stuck to their guns and the rain stopped just in time. :) i like their style.

matt took this image just as jessica & ben reached the end of their recessional- it is one of my favorite images ever:

this next image is of our friends bonnie & david- but mostly, it’s of dave’s sweet tattoo. ;)

jessica & ben, congratulations! we are so happy for you two- and what a beautiful celebration!

erica & jeff are married!

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when we first met erica & jeff i cannot say that we weren’t intimidated. they are both police officers and if there’s anything that can make my heart stop on the way to anywhere, it’s a cruiser. maybe that says something about matt’s driving? anyway, after a few minutes joking around about said heart stopping we were totally at ease! they told us all about their families and the reunion that their wedding was going to be- plenty of out of town guests, family and friends were going to be reconnecting and some even meeting on their wedding day! we were excited to be part of the action!

erica & jeff got married in asheville, north carolina, one of our favorite cities! their wedding was held in the deerpark restaurant at the biltmore estate which meant we were totally excited about the time they’d blocked off for portraits. then came the rain. it was expected, of course, but still, no one was thrilled. the ceremony was moved indoors as was the dance floor and the portraits around the grounds were cut pretty short. BUT! you’d never have known that wasn’t exactly the way things were supposed to be if you looked at erica! she was buoyant, to put it mildly! her smile stretched across her face the whole day and she could NOT get over the fact that she was about to marry her best friend; it was so perfect- just the way things should be!

we got started at the early girl eatery, a little spot in asheville that never disappoints. i was excited to be back in the mountains and it seemed everyone else was in just as good spirits as well! from breakfast we walked over to the salon where we spent most of the afternoon in the flurry of bobbi pins and blush, the exact type of girlishness that erica claims she isn’t used to- but on her wedding day she’d decided to go for it, glittering hair piece and all! she made me laugh when she explained it all; her dimples getting deeper when she talked about the hair piece especially. but enough of my commentary, the pictures!

erica’s little flower girl was the sweetest ever- and her name is stella! of course, i took an immediate liking to her:


one of my favorite things about shooting with matt is combining our pics in the end and seeing what the guys were up to while the girls were getting ready. in this case the ladies were a bit behind i guess because matt and i took these next two pictures only a couple minutes apart, haha, i love how similar the compositions are! it’s SO FUN to work with my husband!


i love this next sequence matt captured of jeff- somehow it reminds me of james bond…or alec baldwin…? :)


the ladies took a bit longer to get ready than the gents so they spent the afternoon hanging out in the beautiful grand bohemian hotel lounge waiting for the ladies and bonding- or whatever guys call it:

20_asheville_wedding_photographer 19_asheville_wedding_photographer 18_asheville_wedding_photographer 17_asheville_wedding_photographer

a few portraits in the rain!

16_asheville_wedding_photographer 15_asheville_wedding_photographer 14_asheville_wedding_photographer 13_asheville_wedding_photographer 12_asheville_wedding_photographer 11_asheville_wedding_photographer 10_asheville_wedding_photographer

the day started to truly fly by when the ceremony started! everything was a blur of joyous tears, hugs and lots of fun as the reception kicked in and the party started!

09_asheville_wedding_photographer 08_asheville_wedding_photographer 07_asheville_wedding_photographer 06_asheville_wedding_photographer 05_asheville_wedding_photographer 04_asheville_wedding_photographer 03_asheville_wedding_photographer 02_asheville_wedding_photographer

i love how romantic this last image is:

erica & jeff, thank you guys so much for having us all the way up to asheville to capture your wedding! the rain didn’t dampen your spirits and your wedding was such a celebration! we wish you guys the very best!

jennifer & jake are married!

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after the craziness of moving and painting and unpacking and pulling our life together in this new place we were excited to take a break and get back to shooting weddings! we could not have been more lucky that the next wedding on the calendar was in one of our favorite cities, asheville, and the wedding of some of our favorite clients ever, jen & jake! we were so excited to see them again and their wedding? well, we knew it would be one of a kind and it was! the morning started as many of my saturday mornings do- at a salon where jen and i chatted about her wedding, her guests and the vows she was trying to memorize while her stylist created a perfectly unique hairstyle that i was increasingly intrigued by- it was awesome! so you may notice there are a few extra pictures featuring jen’s perfectly tousled yet perfectly styled hair. ;)

from there we headed to her venue, hidden river, where i immediately fell in love! seriously, if you’re at all interested in an outdoor wedding in a valley backed by green pastures and blue misty mountains, this might just be your spot! we made our way to the reception area where jennifer and her family spent a little bit of time pulling all of the handmade details together and setting the tables- little handfilled honey jars for placecard holders, fresh lavender and rosemary and even little pots and seeds for the guests to enjoy on their windowsill at home! everything was so well thought out and sweet, i was excited for the guests to enjoy it all!

but really, as usual, i’m getting ahead of myself and i just need to get started on the images! first a few getting ready details:





jennifer is an amazing person to photograph, so calm and peaceful and at ease. AND SO BEAUTIFUL!




i love this next series of jen tucking her handwritten vows into her bouquet.


jennifer’s dad was the first person she introduced me to when i arrived at her house in the morning. jen has two sisters and i think that makes this man a saint! here he is when he first sees jen all dressed and ready; sunglasses can’t even begin to mask all of that emotion! ;) such a touching moment.


the ladies were taken down to the ceremony in a carriage- jen, her parents and her adorable flower girl were on the last trip so they watched as the others drove off!


they could see the ceremony in the valley from their cottage on the mountain- i love this image of jen’s dad talking with his granddaughter about what was happening down there just before they all were driven to the site themselves.






the rain started to sprinkle just as matt and i began to take their portraits and picked up towards the end but there was no stopping these two! they were up for making a beautiful rain image happen regardless of damp hair and i love them for it- this next image is one of my favorites ever!


jen had ideas for her formal portraits…that included mustaches- which were beyond perfect and hilarious!


couldn’t help but show some of our favorite details, of course!


jennifer & jake had a local band, Fiddlewitch, play at their reception! this was no usual band, not only did they play some incredible bluegrass but they also threw in some awesome contra dancing numbers too! i’ve never been contra dancing before but all of the guests seemed to be having an awesome time, maybe we’ll try it one day!





jennifer & jake, this was one amazing day! the setting was perfect and your love for one another and for each of your guests was so evident, we were so blessed to be there. we wish you both the best and we really do hope to see you guys next time we’re up in athens!