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celan & yves are married!

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there is no denying several things about celan & yves’s wedding:

1. it was overflowing with love

2. it was very personally inspired

3. it was the work of an artist

having met celan & yves at heather & matt’s wedding, we had some idea of what awaited us on celan & yves’s wedding day but nothing could really prepare us for the beautiful day we experienced! i have to begin this story by telling you that celan is a painter– an inspired, passionate, fascinating painter. she weaves stunningly rich narratives into a single canvas- something that, as a photographer of life, i value so much. so while i have so much respect for celan, i will also allow myself to feel a certain kinship to her, to the way she sees the world, internalizes it, and then re-shares it in such a beautiful way. so, all of this to say, her wedding day was so special and matt & i really enjoyed allowing ourselves to be swept up and inspired by their love.

my day with celan and her best friends started with a burst of color! all around me were beautiful dresses (celan told her bridesmaids to wear whatever they liked) and overflowing buckets of bright flowers. soon enough every surface of the room was covered in blooms as celan and her ladies created their own bouquets from whatever flowers each girl liked best. while everything coordinated, no two bouquets were alike. each bridesmaid’s personal style and taste shined through- such a wonderful idea!

meanwhile, yves and the guys played a little bocce. and goofed off. it’s always so fun to me to see my images come together with matt’s when we sort them by time- the girls are almost always in the midst of finishing touches while the guys are relaxing in tee shirts playing sports or lounging with a beer. i guess we all prepare differently! ;)

i LOVE this next shot matt took- such an awesome version of a ‘groomsmen portrait:’

now, back to the lovely ladies! i love these images of celan tying ribbon on her bouquet. she is just so engaged in the moment with her best friends- not even one sweet moment slipped past her- she lived in every second! love her style:

celan & yves were married in the historic seney-stovall chapel in athens, ga:

after yves danced an awesome little jig down the asile, he & celan had a quiet moment alone to absorb everything before we started couple portraits around the lovely town of athens and the university:

celan & yves chose to hold their reception at the ga museum of art– could there have been a more perfect venue? for the first part of the evening, all of the galleries were open for the guests to enjoy and explore. celan & yves made a point to take time to enjoy the art together and we were happy to follow them and capture the love they share. but first, a peek into their first dance!

after the galleries closed, everyone reassembled for a time of toasting followed by dancing, celebrating and all types of fun! :)

celan & yves, thank you so so much for trusting us to capture such a beautiful day! we wish you guys a marriage full of fun and happiness!

kayla & newton are married!

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kayla & newton are one of those couples that make everyone believe in soul mates. they are undeniably absolutely perfect for each other; a fact that is clear the second you meet them. their connection is a deep confidence that they are meant to share life together. from shared moments of reflection and unexpected tears of joy to moments of goofiness and laughter, matt and i could not have asked for a more beautiful couple to capture.

the morning started as many of my saturday mornings do- surrounded by beauty supplies (i feel like a grandma saying that, is there a hip way to say ‘beauty supplies’?), dresses hanging from every door and an unmistakable edge of excitement. kayla was calm and smiling; even as her mom grabbed a needle and thread to fix each bridesmaid’s dress after a seamstress disaster she didn’t let it stress her out. her mind was on her groom and she couldn’t wait to see him!

and finally it was time to make that happen! matt scouted out a sweet little spot behind their reception venue for them to first see one another. kayla & newton shared a private and sweet moment before we jumped in our car to explore a little of athens for portraits!

their bridal party was as vibrant as they are, totally full of energy and smiles despite the >100* heat index! they showed up toward the end of kayla & newton’s couple portraits and we grabbed a few images of everyone goofing off and enjoying the day. newton is a huge soccer fan so before we knew it the guys were forming a wall- i guess that’s the first thing a soccer fan thinks of when he sees five guys standing beside one another, totally cracked me up!

kayla & newton folded 1000 paper cranes for the wedding ceremony and i am in love with the legend of 1000 years of happiness as well as the design effect  and pattern created by the birds. now to figure out how to incorporate them into their new home!?

the reception was just down the stairs from the ceremony- so convenient for their guests! their photobooth was rockin’ nearby while dancing broke out in the main reception space. it was a night full of celebration and excitement for the future of this amazing couple- gotta love capturing that!

kayla & newton, 1000 thank yous for asking us to be part of such a beautiful day. you guys are a great couple and we wish you the very best. hope you enjoyed your honeymoon getaway- pictures soon?? :)