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jessica & timothy are married!

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well, we’re back from NYC ready to put our (poor, tired) feet up and get to editing! i’m so excited about the images we’re downloading and it’s going to be a good day when we finally finish and share a few on this blog! but i’m getting ahead of myself, shocking, eh? first up, timothy & jessica’s lovely rain-free wedding day! you may remember these two for their infamous eshoot, at night, in the rain, on north campus in athens. we knew that night when we met them that they were something special! any couple that can pull off a smile after an hour of shooting in the pouring rain deserves a rain-less wedding day, right!? well, i think so!

jessica & timothy have known each other for a LONG time and it shows through the ease with which they interact. everything from quick phone calls to giggling together while we were shooting seemed to come naturally to them. when we met their friends and families on their wedding day we started to understand where they get it! everyone was excited to see everyone else and the laughter came quickly as they all got to know each other better.

the day, for me, started in a salon downtown where jessica was calmly, quietly…and sleepily sipping a cup of coffee while her hair was being curled. excitement had kept her from sleeping soundly and she started her morning not stressed about it at all, but instead just slowly welcoming the day!

23_atlanta_wedding_photographers_082909 22_atlanta_wedding_photographers_082909 21_atlanta_wedding_photographers_082909 20_atlanta_wedding_photographers_082909 19_atlanta_wedding_photographers_082909 18_atlanta_wedding_photographers_082909 17_atlanta_wedding_photographers_082909

while jessica was putting on the finishing touches to her ensemble the guys were playing a little frisbee on the lawn of the church- typical guys!


they did settle down long enough to get into their tuxes and cover timothy in prayer before the ceremony- such a sweet guy moment:

15_atlanta_wedding_photographers_082909 14_atlanta_wedding_photographers_082909


jessica & timothy built in plenty of time for us to shoot portraits in the beautiful sunshine! the four of us were all so happy it was clear and beautiful out that all of our smiles came naturally! we are so happy with their portraits, they’re such a sweet couple!


oh yea, i took a little break to find a dark, damp corner for their ring shot- for some reason i was feeling a moss image. love how this one came out, so lush!11_atlanta_wedding_photographers_082909 10_atlanta_wedding_photographers_082909 09_atlanta_wedding_photographers_082909

this next set of images makes me smile- it’s essentially the same moment captured by two different sets of eyes. THIS is why i love working with my husband!08_atlanta_wedding_photographers_082909 07_atlanta_wedding_photographers_082909 06_atlanta_wedding_photographers_082909 05_atlanta_wedding_photographers_082909 04_atlanta_wedding_photographers_082909 03_atlanta_wedding_photographers_082909 02_atlanta_wedding_photographers_082909 01_atlanta_wedding_photographers_082909
jessica & timothy, congratulations! thank you so so much for counting on us to capture your wedding day; we are so blessed to have clients like you! i hope your honeymoon was amazing and that you’re enjoying athens and the start of football season enough for me and matt too! :)

introducing: the photobooth

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since first mentioning the possibility of an altmix photobooth- on twitter of course, the best tool for breaking news and immediate feedback ;) – we’ve received tons of encouragement as well as delighted inquiries from our lovely brides. adding something this huge to our business was a big dream– until now everything that has our name on it has been exclusively handled by one or both of us but we realized if we were going to do this thing right we were going to need help! we talked and talked and finally got up the nerve to buy the necessary equipment just a couple weeks before we were to run the booth for the first time at heather and matt’s wedding! thank you heather and matt for making things happen! everything arrived and we carefully set up the 9′ booth in our teeny living room- though we could no longer see out of any of our windows we were pumped to see the hours of talking and dreaming become a reality right before our eyes…literally, like, RIGHT in front of us.

so today, friends, we OFFICIALLY launch the altmix photobooth…or whatever more clever name we come up with in the next couple weeks…any ideas, please!? i know, i count on you for so much, but really, my pocket thesaurus did nothing for me when i looked up ‘photo’ and ‘booth.’ out of pure frustration i threatened to name it ‘image cubicle’ before i slowly put the thesaurus down, backed away and decided to ask you. TANGENT. anyway, without further babble, i present a few of our favorite images from the first altmix photobooth EVER:

heather just finished up her master’s and matt just finished up his doctorate so we thought books and mustaches were appropriate props to bring- pipe, glasses, birds and pearls completed the look :)

the groom and his mother- shouldn’t every mother/son portrait be this amazing!?





centerpieces make great props too…?!

remember how we said we needed help running this thing? well, thank goodness for crazy college friends! we were so thrilled to have steve and his lovely wife, katherine, along to run the booth and get everyone excited to jump in! they did an amazing job! …and while big things like the cake cutting were happening, they enjoyed the booth themselves- meet steve:




i tackled a straight minute of repeatedly jumping as high as i could to get a picture where the bottom of my feet are in the shot and surprise! no luck. BUT, one of heather’s bridesmaids is a cheerleading coach so i called her over and she helped my dreams come true! isn’t she awesome!?
what do you do when all of your friends steal the props? pull out a dollar, of course:


soooo….what do you think!? :)

jessica & timothy are engaged!

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some of you who follow us on twitter have asked us about our recent update, ‘probably our most interesting engagement session yet!’ well here is your answer; we shot this session during a downpour in the dark- half outside half in a library. whaaat?! we called timothy and jessica earlier last wednesday expecting to reschedule; instead they said they were up for some ‘different’ photos so we grabbed a couple of flashes and jumped in the car to head to athens!

we met them at the library, toweled off (why? who knows.), and dove back into the rain to start shooting. to be honest i was scared. looking up through the rain into the dark, locked academic buildings around us i had no idea how we were going to make this happen. luckily, jessica and timothy are the sweetest, most patient couple in the world. they talked to us, entertained each other and jumped at whatever insane thing we suggested. they stood in the rain while we tested flash angles- chatting away like they didn’t even realize that they were chillin’ in a flood.

we finished up in the library where i welcomed the green florescent light like i never have before. as we shot them cuddling through books i realized how amazing these two are. nothing can stop them. i never saw a hint of frustration from either of them regarding soaked jeans, sharing an umbrella or strange looks in the library. they spent every second together being together- talking, laughing, cuddling- and it was incredible. no doubt when they’re married they won’t let bothersome things like taxes, laundry and bills get between them. because they’ll be together. and when they are together, they are together

my fave! i love how all of the green showed up: