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katie & nikhil are married!

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on the way home from katie & nikhil’s rehearsal dinner, matt & i wondered how in the world they were going to have a wedding to top such a perfect evening. we worried a little for them but the minute i showed up to katie’s room the next morning i realized exactly how incredible their wedding day was going to be- no need to worry at all! katie greeted me the way she greeted everyone who walked through her door- with a radiant smile that was almost a laugh she was so full of joy. her bridesmaids took their time getting ready, alternating chatting with katie over a glass of champagne with mascara and lipstick. the enviornment was light and fun and katie was the life of every moment- her makeup artist even had to request that she disengage for just a second while he perfected her lips! :) nothing phases katie- whenever something that she needed to do or remember popped into her mind she would immediatly pass it along to the bridesmaid or family member most suited to helping her with that little detail. she responds passionately¬†and quickly and doesn’t dwell on anything that would keep her from enjoying every second of the day. as someone who internalizes everything and is prone to worry, i really have so much respect for katie and it was so refreshing to spend the day capturing her! once she and nikhil met up the day was just a whirlwind of energy and fun for everyone. even regular visitors who were exploring the gardens where katie & nikhil were married were swept up in the celebration- cheering for them and calling their congratulations as we explored the grounds for a few couple portraits before the ceremony. what a wonderful day it was!

it’s so dreamy to get married in a garden! but there are some little bugs…and katie saved nikhil from one during their vows: ;)

just after their ceremony, nikhil’s immediate family offered their love and blessings to the new couple in the traditional way- such a sweet, intimate time:

katie & nikhil snuck away for a few more portraits after the ceremony but really it was more of a time of celebration and fun- for all of us!

the party was awesome- the ever fabulous, eliana, did her thing while dj jaz did a fantastic job mixing traditional indian songs with radio favorites:

katie & nikhil, thank you both so much for inviting us into your celebration and allowing us to capture such a beautiful weekend. we wish you the very best!

caitlin & nelson are married!

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caitlin & nelson are one of those couples that really just FIT. they have so much in common- shared loves, temperaments, joys & passions. i’ve always questioned the confidence with which people say, ‘opposites attract’ because sometimes, being similar is just so perfect. like caitlin & nelson! of course i don’t know them as well as some of their friends (who may very well be giggling at my assessment, fair enough ;)), but after spending their full wedding day so closely capturing their every moment, i can’t help but be drawn to their similarities. wedding days can bring a different kind of pressure and stress into a relationship that has never existed there before and each couple handles this differently. in the case of caitlin & nelson, there was a moment where all of that just…vanished. it was the moment when they first saw one another the afternoon of their wedding- just an hour or two before their ceremony was set to start. the second their eyes met, all of the hustle and bustle of the day just, melted, away. it says so much about their connection that all it took, for both of them, was just that first glance- then everything was okay. and by ‘okay,’ i really mean, ‘perfect.’ because, seeing the two of them together on their wedding day was just a beautiful picture of two people completely meant for one another. i feel lucky to know them.

take a moment to absorb how fabulous this dress is:

that’s right- perfectly placed ruffles, romantic blush tones, modern but timeless- i could go on!

…and the most wonderful compliment to caitlin’s stunning features and soft curls:

meanwhile, nelson finished his final preparations before he started helping to tie each groomsmen’s bow-tie. later, matt mentioned to me that bow-ties always seems to stump the gents- until nelson mentioned off-hand that it was the same knot as tying your shoe. and then matt had a bit of an epiphany and will probably now be roped into tying groomsmen’s bow-ties in the future. ;) but still, great to know!

i admit, that is me in these next two. but sometimes you do what you have to in order to get the exact shot you imagine. and in the case of this reflection shot, i couldn’t avoid being in the frame. but even still, i really love how these came out!

caitlin’s position in this next shot just blows me away- it’s a completely natural moment as she walked to meet nelson in the japanese garden of the atlanta botanical gardens. their following ‘first look’ was the moment i talked so much about in the beginning of this post- just so wonderful:

after some portraits, caitlin and her dad took a few moments to practice their father/daughter dance. it was beautifully choreographed and they are both so graceful but what i liked most was that they made time for this practice dance. it was such a special time for them, together, with very few people around to see. they seem to have a great relationship:

caitlin & nelson’s ceremony was held in the rose garden- the perfect backdrop:

just after the ceremony, caitlin & nelson stole away for a few moments to absorb the beginning of their new life together, as well as enjoy a sampling of their menu from sun in my belly catering.

meanwhile, their guests mingled in the gardens, enjoying cocktails, the spring blooms and one another while the reception was getting the finishing touches. here are just a few details of caitlin’s clean, green and pink palette:

dinner was followed by a time of witty, sweet and insightful toasting.

caitlin & nelson, it was wonderful to spend a day capturing the beautiful relationship you guys share. we hope you enjoyed your quick break and we can’t wait to see images from your upcoming trip to italy! evviva gli sposi!