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kate & stephen are married!

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kate is one of those people who immediately draws you in- she makes you feel like you’re in on something special together. her dry sense of humor and quick wit are often expressed in a quick glance or comment- look away and you might miss it. but if you miss these moments you’re missing out on knowing a beautiful, strong, clever woman. and stephen? he’s pretty great too. ;) his joking personality keeps kate in giggles separated by a few loving eyerolls, and his attention to the little details that make kate, kate, is indicative of his deep love for, and appreciation of, her. together they’re a blend of fun and funny, sweet and sarcastic, down to earth and classy- which makes for an awesome celebration. :) here are just a few of our favorite images from their wedding day:

such a sweet first look in the garden, i love these images matt made:

i mean, isn’t kate just STUNNING?

kate & stephen were married at the lovely primrose cottage:

kate & stephen, congratulations! we are so happy for you two. and thank you so so much for having us there to capture all of the little moments, what a beautiful day it was!

emily & matt are married!

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after emily & matt’s engagement session, where we were so blown away and inspired by the two of them and everything around us, we knew their wedding day would be one for the books. what we didn’t know at the time is that their wedding would also be one for our family’s books- the start of my 9th month of pregnancy and the last wedding i would commit to before stepping back for a few weeks. i was sooo happy when i looked at the calendar and realized i’d be able to shoot what i knew would be an awesome celebration of two such sweet, energetic and fun loving people! emily & matt are just so fun to be around- their wedding day was a blend of relaxation, laughter and so so much love- it warmed our hearts. matt and i found ourselves inspired by so many beautiful, real moments between emily & matt, between their families and friends, between people who seemed to be meeting for the first time- emily & matt brought everyone together. :)

just as emily and her bridesmaids arrived at the venue, the rain began to fall- actually- to POUR. but like everyone in atlanta knows, it’ll be over quickly, so she didn’t let this bother her in the slightest. :) since her decor was all staged inside, waiting to be moved outdoors, we decided to have an intimate first look inside and start with a few indoor portraits- the flowers made it so lovely! i love the romance in these images, so soft and warm, i can still hear the rain pouring down outside as we photographed these moments. :)

just as we all expected, the rain abruptly stopped and we were able to take a few more minutes with emily & matt to get some outdoor images as well. matt and i found ourselves so drawn to these evergreens- thankfully emily & matt were up for anything- even scooting back into damp, dark bushes just before their ceremony. these two are just the best. :)

emily and her dad have such a special relationship- it was so cute to see them interact throughout the day- he was clearly SO happy for her. i love this next set as well as their father-daughter dance image that will follow a little later, so so sweet. :)

matt’s mom officiated their wedding- i can’t imagine how she kept it together up there as she talked back through their story and pronounced them husband & wife. what a special way for emily & matt to start their new life together!

about half way through the father-daughter dance, emily’s three brothers joined them on the dance floor and serenaded their sister in a way that only brothers (and fathers) can- hilarious and so heartfelt!

emily & matt, congratulations to you! we are so grateful to have been part of your day- thank you for having us! we wish you the very best!

vanessa & christos are married!

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a long time ago, when it was perfectly¬†acceptable¬†for me to sip margaritas on sunny monday afternoons at holy taco, matt & i had the pleasure of meeting vanessa & christos. they were down to earth and their warm smiles and fascinating stories kept us happily in our seats as the sun fell lower. sometimes during a meeting i find myself wishing i was shooting right then- capturing the way they look at one another as the other talks, capturing the love and laughter as they relay their own story to us. such beautiful moments! but in those times i quickly realize that shooting their wedding day will be a wonderful treat and it makes us even more grateful to them for inviting us in to their celebration. vanessa & christos’ wedding day was so relaxed and full of sweet moments and laughter- we didn’t see any of the stress that can often sneak in- nothing could take away their smiles. they kept such a great perspective on the day, soaking up the smiles of their family and friends, dancing and catching up and still finding quiet moments to be together throughout it all. i really love these two. :)

christos’ quiet words kept vanessa grinning the whole day. it was so sweet to see the two of them so wrapped up in one another, so quick to laugh together and so obviously in love.

i know matt already tweeted this image but i could not leave it out of this post. i love quick moments like this during family portraits- some might consider this an outtake- i think it’s a beautiful image of a family that really loves one another and has a lot of fun. :)

vanessa & christos, thank you so much for inviting us in to your beautiful wedding day. we loved capturing you two as well as your family and friends. we wish you the very very best!