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Laura & Mahesh’s Wedding at the Foundry Puritan Mill

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I will be honest, I am a bit at a loss for where to start with Laura & Mahesh’s wedding day- there was just so much goodness all around all day! Sitting here reminiscing about their wedding day, what I remember most is just the overall vibrancy of every moment. It wasn’t just the colors and the events, it was the people. The deep joy in Laura & Mahesh was reflected in their friends and family who traveled from near and far to celebrate their wedding day. Though the day was longer than most (two full ceremonies!), the energy and fun only grew as the day progressed- culminating in a beautiful reception celebration full of fun and happiness and a touch of silliness.

Our day started with the finishing touches before their hindu ceremony. I love how involved family and friends are in hindu ceremonies- it really draws everyone in to the celebration.

Mahesh and his sweet mom, I really love this image.

After the ceremony ended, Laura & Mahesh disappeared to change for the Jewish ceremony while their guests lounged around their venue enjoying lunch, chatting in the courtyard and relaxing in the warm sun. It really was the most perfect early spring day.

By the time we arrived back at the venue, it had been transformed. One of laura’s very best friends officiated this ceremony and though it was short and sweet it was so heartfelt and warm.

These guys:

Laura & Mahesh, what a joy to celebrate with you and your friends and family- it was a beautiful day! Looking forward to running into you two soon! :)

stephanie & josh are married!

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i hope everyone knows a couple as fun and happy as stephanie & josh- a couple who cares deeply about one another and everyone around them and realizes the beauty in every moment.  getting to know the two of them (and their families) was such a blessing for us and capturing their wedding day was such a joy. matt and i are used to observing conversations and hugs and celebration through our lenses but photographing stephanie & josh as they shared such a beautiful day with their friends and family held an extra something that really drew us to them. i think it could be described as intentionality- but it was more than that. no matter what was going on, no matter what they were in the middle of, stephanie & josh always took the time and energy to make every encounter with a guest (or even a vendor!) important and meaningful. stephanie & josh are two people very much in love who also make room to embrace and love others. and life! their adventures in their little village in germany (and europe beyond) are so full of happiness and inspiration as they embrace a variety of cultures different from what they knew stateside. what an inspiration! and what a blessing it was for us to capture their wedding celebration. :)

josh’s mom created this stunning chuppah using the lace from stephanie’s mom’s wedding dress- what a beautiful family heirloom!

early spring weddings in atlanta have the potential to be some of the most beautiful of the year- stephanie & josh’s day was just perfect. the air was cool but the sun added a touch of warmth- so refreshing and rejuvenating!

after the ceremony, stephanie & josh set aside a little time for some twilight portraits in the park. to me, these images are just so peaceful and sweet. just looking at them i can remember how quiet it was in the park and how stephanie & josh sweetly whispered to one another while we photographed them and how the tips of my fingers were tingling with numbness when we entered their warm and inviting reception. what an excellent night. :)

stephanie & josh, thank you so much for sharing such a beautiful day with us- it was a joy to capture it all! we wish you both the very best- please have a delicious german beer for us in the very near future. :)