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kyle & chris: the photobooth!

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the ever lovely kyle & chris decided that their wedding was not complete without a photobooth- and we couldn’t agree more! their friends and families spent the evening jumping from the dance floor to the photobooth and back again; we can’t wait to share their stunning wedding with you SOON! until then, here are a few photobooth faves:

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amy & jeff are married!

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well, as the last few posts have mentioned, there has been a lot of rain lately. most of our weddings have been moved indoors and our engagement shoots have been mostly rescheduled or shot under umbrellas. what has struck me most about this last month has been the resilience of our clients, ready to smile and explore despite the huge drops that have fallen on their perfectly styled hair. amy & jeff did just that. as their venue scrambled to put their rain plan in effect, amy and jeff went through their day like nothing was different. we even shot a few portraits in the rain! but i’ll get to that later. ;) my day started as they usually do, in a salon with a few of the bridesmaids- chatting and easing into shooting as the hairstyles transformed from the all over tease to a smoother, more elegant design. do you call hairstyles designs? i don’t even know. but what i was sure of is that the day was going to be awesome- everyone was ready for a party! amy arrived smiling holding an array of brightly colored umbrellas- last minute gifts for her bridesmaids. her attitude put everyone else at ease about the weather and from then on it was decided that rain or shine, pictures with umbrellas had to happen. i agreed.

matt started his day hanging out with the guys, grabbing lunch and relaxing at amy & jeff’s house. eventually the actual getting ready had to start, haha- i love the shots matt captured there!

26_atlanta_wedding_photographers_091909 25_atlanta_wedding_photographers_091909 24_atlanta_wedding_photographers_091909

the rest of the day flew by and before i knew it amy and jeff’s first look was happening and then we were shooting portraits. outside. in a little drizzle. no umbrellas. gotta love a couple that hardcore about beautiful outdoor lighting on their wedding day! the rain picked up and finally it was me that suggested we move inside. there were some interesting spots around the house, thankfully, and we shot the rest of the portraits, including family portraits, as the reception was set up around us!

23_atlanta_wedding_photographers_091909 22_atlanta_wedding_photographers_091909 21_atlanta_wedding_photographers_091909

pretty much loved the chandeliers at cedar plantation, so sparkly!



18_atlanta_wedding_photographers_091909 17_atlanta_wedding_photographers_091909 16_atlanta_wedding_photographers_091909 15_atlanta_wedding_photographers_091909

and then came the umbrella pictures! it was raining and rather dark but no one seemed to mind venturing out into it. we were glad we got the safe pictures out of the way before the ceremony because amy & jeff encouraged us to just have fun and do whatever craziness we thought of, so we did. as different as these shots are from what we usually do, i love them!

14_atlanta_wedding_photographers_091909 13_atlanta_wedding_photographers_091909 12_atlanta_wedding_photographers_091909 11_atlanta_wedding_photographers_091909

the reception was the kind of party i’d been expecting all day- totally awesome! everyone danced and enjoyed one another and one of the most rockin’ parts was that amy & jeff danced so much too! many times brides and grooms find themselves too busy to eat or dance but this couple was not about to let that happen. they enjoyed their reception as much as anyone and danced the night away!

10_atlanta_wedding_photographers_091909 09_atlanta_wedding_photographers_091909 08_atlanta_wedding_photographers_091909 07_atlanta_wedding_photographers_091909

we were in the zone shooting when we saw amy & jeff making their way toward us- their getaway car had arrived and they wanted some images with it, more then just them taking off. aaand this made us love them even more than their colorful umbrellas, their homer groom’s cake, the fact that they’d asked for our photobooth and their amazing taste in music- they were making sure to take time from their reception to get the images they knew they wanted in the end- SO SMART! here’s my fave:


then it was back in for more dancing- these are some of my most favorite reception shots EVER!


04_atlanta_wedding_photographers_091909 03_atlanta_wedding_photographers_091909 02_atlanta_wedding_photographers_091909 01_atlanta_wedding_photographers_091909
amy & jeff, we are still talking about how awesome you guys are! your optimism, despite the rain, made your wedding day so fun for everyone involved. we wish you guys the VERY best and we hope you like your images! :)