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yellow bike

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we used to only have one mode of transportation, but now we have two! after scouring craigslist, kate and i finally found a rocking tandem to pedal ourselves around the city… need some groceries? no problem. a quick run to the post office? maybe i’ll make quick work of it with a solo run (although i don’t even know if it’s allowed or even possible to ride a tandem by yourself, plus that really defeats the purpose of a tandem anyhow). pictures begin now:

awwwesome. we found that it was extremely tough to get action shots of ourselves while riding, but we’ll find a way- just wait.

we had a great wedding this past weekend and a killer engagement session so check back soon for those!

jennifer & chris are married!

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we first met jennifer at rachel and zach’s wedding. she was a bridesmaid and engaged which meant she was super helpful while mentally making notes about her own wedding day as things unfolded for her best friend. when i was engaged it was awesome to have a close friend of mine engaged as well. i can only imagine rachel and jennifer were able to encourage each other during the planning as much as my friend encouraged me. it was clutch to have someone in the midst of it all who understood when i found out my flowers were not in season, ugh. but anyway, when jennifer’s wedding rolled around i knew that she would have rachel and many other friends there to encourage and help her enjoy the best day of her life. that was definitely the case; when jennifer realized she didn’t have a guest book jessica was on it, another bridesmaid, jennifer, made sure everyone had food and her maid of honor, laura, did a fabulous job on her makeup! most of the girls had known each other since early elementary school and it was fun to laugh with them at ridiculous stories from ages ago. how lucky they all are to have stayed so close! let’s jump into the images:

the best way to get a grumpy, sleepy flower girl awake and happy? lots of pearls and quiet time with the bride. worked like a charm!

the ceremony site was so beautiful! the clouds were threatening but the sun came through sporadically with quick bursts of light. in my opinion the unpredictable weather made for beautiful images!

jennifer’s sisters couldn’t hold it in and chris’s sisters look equally as happy. i love this shot, the whole fam’s here!

chris and jennifer were so cute whispering to each other during the ceremony.

a quick sun burst!! look at how she’s lookin at him; what a great couple!

we think it is so so so important to take time to shoot couple shots on the wedding day. if you’re like jennifer and chris and you don’t want to see each other before the ceremony, we’d love to shoot them afterwards! so brides, before you rush into your reception just please consider doing what jennifer did; taking ten minutes alone with you new husband and your photographer; in the end you’ll be so glad you did!

their first dance was outside; it was just starting to get dark and the clouds were so dramatic!

chris’s sisters tore up the dance floor. seriously, i was jealous of their moves-

matt kept shooting even after jennifer and chris had run through all of the sparklers so i just trusted he had and idea and kept holding the light for him. i love love love the resulting shot, such a unique get-away shot!

jennifer & chris, we so appreciate you guys including us in your wedding day! i have to give it to you for combining your loyalties with a black and red wedding and the florida game playing and the florida groom’s cake, truly unique! i hope you two are getting plenty of sunshine and relaxation, can’t wait to get you the rest of the images!

how we roll

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carly & chris are rocking the gallery page! …and rightly so! check out their love here:

as usual, matt stabbed my last bite of dinner waving it at me and begging ‘eat me’ in a voice eerily similar to that of most inanimate objects around here. fighting flashbacks of asparagus and peas i laughed and shook my head…he persisted…i ran out of laughter…he held it there and begged long enough for it to become funny again before eating it himself…

this is his way of taking care of me.

some days- usually those days when i’ve downed a shockingly diverse (disgusting) combination of foods- he knows the only solution is a multivitamin. his game is smooooth- he catches my attention, ‘so kate guess what?’ -holds my gaze while handing me pill and water- ‘i just got this amazing email from client x and she has decided’ -i mindlessly put the pill in my mouth- ‘to have cotton candy’ -swallow- ‘at her reception!’ it’s a lie, but the vitamin is down and his purpose achieved, it’s no matter i’m crushed that everyone’s favorite spun sugar will not be available at client x’s wedding. gosh, he’s good. i’ve tried this tactic on him, you know, offhand- ‘hey babe, i read that starting your own microbrewery’ -slip two receipts into designated bowl- ‘will actually be possible in our tiny apartment! aren’t you excited!?’ -immediately- ‘what did you buy?’ bust.

i try lots of little games around here and always the same outcome- busted. i keep a seriously concentrated look on my face ‘going through my client emails’ and ruin it by giggling at someone’s blog. busted. maybe sometimes i even leave enough paper on the roll for one last use and forget that matt, well, doesn’t really need it and i end up, well, stranded. -matt says this last one is a weak example, duh he says that, he has no idea!-

all this to say -i’m laughing that i’m even considering bringing this post to a poignant close- we play. it’s not all work around here, we couldn’t pull it off…thank goodness. people ask us often what it’s like to work with your spouse all.day.every.day and our reaction is always the same; stifled laughter at our own ridiculousness, slight embarrassment because -again- we’re ridiculous and a sincere attempt to explain how we work like dogs but distract eachother often enough to love it. that’s just how we roll.