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kelly & zack are married!

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in many industries repeat customers are a sure sign business is going well. in this industry, that…isn’t so much a thing…so i will replace that with: showing up to shoot an incredible couple and realizing that not one, but two of your past clients are groomsmen. :) and since that was the case with kelly & zack’s wedding, we knew right away they’d be awesome folks! we spent an absolutely wonderful day with kelly & zack and their friends and families. the bridesmaids were funny and sweet and so on top of things- kelly barely had time to realize she needed something before it was handed to her! the groomsmen were excited and silly but also so encouraging of zack- it’s rare to see a group of guys like this one. their parents came and went, keeping an eye on both zack & kelly before the ceremony and spending intentional, sweet moments with both. really, i can’t say enough about what wonderful people surrounded kelly & zack on their wedding day! and i think that speaks volumes about who they are as a couple, their engaging personalities and their love of those around them. so many beautiful moments to capture. :)

after the ceremony, kelly & zack set aside some time for couple portraits- first at the church and then at their reception venue, primrose cottage:

i just love this one, it might just be my favorite:

kelly & zack, congratulations- we’re so happy for you guys! thank you so much for having us there to capture such a great day!

laura & mahesh are engaged!

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last sunday afternoon matt hopped on his bike and headed to laura & mahesh’s home for their engagement shoot. this may seem simple, but it was certainly a dream come true for matt! in case it isn’t blatantly obvious enough i’ll say it again: we LOVE our little corner of atlanta. we love the people, the small businesses, the community, the homes, the sidewalks- all of it. so whenever we get a chance to work with likeminded couples like laura & mahesh, it’s so exciting for us. the world feels smaller. our community feels closer. :) …and when we realized which home was their’s we couldn’t help but smile- it’s one of our very favorites. a beautiful 1920s duplex, renovated into a single home- so unique! we’ve always loved it and we’re so happy to now know the awesome couple who lives there. laura & mahesh are brilliant, fun and down to earth- what a treat to get to know our neighbors and do our job at the same time. can’t wait for the wedding…next weekend!

laura & mahesh, you two are awesome, can’t wait to celebrate your wedding in just a few short days! :)

allie & yuval are engaged!

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you learn a lot about someone when things don’t go the way they planned. you learn how adaptable they are, how optimistic they are- you learn about their priorities and their sense of adventure. this is really how we came to love allie & yuval. yes, we had coffee, chatted about their wedding, and left feeling great about working with them. but it was after one rain out, one game time location change and one threateningly rainy afternoon shoot that we saw their true colors. and they’re the best colors. :) anyone who can remain so light on their feet with happiness as these two, in the midst of their plans falling apart, is someone we are so excited to work with! allie & yuval, we are excited to be there for your wedding day, it’s going to be wonderful!

my favorite of their images, so peaceful and comfortable. not the bright sunny garden shoot they had planned but so perfect nevertheless:

allie & yuval, thank you for being so flexible and fun. we are looking forward to your wedding day!