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kristen & ben are married!

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we talk to lots of couples who are surprised to find themselves a little overwhelmed by the wedding planning process. truthfully, even when we were planning our own wedding matt & i had a few conversations about dropping everything and eloping! looking back, we’ve decided just a couple of things should always be considered: what is important to you as a couple about your wedding day and what would make your day most enjoyable and memorable for you and those you love. for some people that looks like a big dance party celebration in the city, for some that looks like a casual, southern affair in a converted barn and for most, i’d say the vision falls somewhere in the middle. either way, realizing what is perfect for your wedding day goes a long way towards defining your enjoyment and memories of your wedding. kristen & ben are the perfect example of a couple whose wedding was built around what would make them the most comfortable and relaxed on their wedding day. they decided to keep their guest list very intimate and their schedule liquid and open. their wedding and reception was held on the porch of a local restaurant, where friends and family gathered to sip cocktails and catch up over lunch. the atmosphere was calm and casual and kristen & ben were able to sit back and chat with their family and friends in a natural and easy way. such a perfect way for kristen & ben to spend their reception! :)

in keeping with the theme of family, kristen’s grandfather preformed the ceremony- his message to the couple was so sweet:

kristen & ben, thank you so much for having us capture your wedding day. we wish you the very best!

jaimie & jonathan: the photobooth!

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today was one of those gross ‘between seasons’ days- not crisp, golden fall and not invigorating, frosty winter but somewhere between the two, somewhere i never want to be again. it was cold and raining and windy and, naturally, we were completely out of groceries. i reluctantly bundled up and had not taken three full steps from our front door when i slipped and fell flat on my back with a splash. my umbrella flew into our few remaining flowers and broke the stems, my new notebook with my shopping list landed straight in a puddle and i just stayed on my back in miserable disbelief listening to matt & stella hurry from the office to help me up.

but you know what?? that couldn’t ruin my whole day. because then i looked through these images and i couldn’t help but smile and feel warm inside. because jaimie & jonathan are the kind of people who can do that- they light up a room, coax laughter from everyone and talk with everybody like they’ve been friends for years. they are those wonderful people who can make a seriously rough morning disappear just by flipping through photos and remembering the day you spent capturing their joy. i am thankful for them, especially today! :)

wedding images to follow!

atoya & sam are married!

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november 11, 2011 dawned crisp and gusty- a lovely fall day in atlanta! matt & i walked stella, trying to stay in the warmth of the sunlight, and then made a big breakfast to prepare for the day. it was a calming and comforting way to begin atoya & sam’s wedding day- and from what i hear, their mornings started off just as relaxed and laid back as ours! atoya & sam are such incredible people- their wedding day was wonderful and overflowing with love and thoughtfulness- and seeing them together just warms my heart. they just speak so sweetly and honestly to one another- words straight from the heart are so rare and beautiful and communicating thoughts and emotions as clearly as they do is so refreshing to witness- i think it means their future as husband and wife is full of promise! matt and i arrived and began shooting about an hour before their first look and we felt so privileged to see some of the behind-the-scenes before the big reveal. atoya and her best friends and sweet family were full of life and happiness- capturing the getting ready moments was effortless- everywhere i turned there were smiles and laughter and hugs and tender moments. everyone seemed like one big family! i love this first image because of the story behind it- atoya had a rush of emotion hit her and in just one moment the room was FILLED with her bridesmaids- dancing, singing and calling out jokes- while the makeup artist fanned her to dry her eyes. it all happened so fast and none of us could help but dissolve into laughter once the tears were under control. what an amazing group of ladies.

atoya is playful and sweet while at the same time completely fabulous and fierce, i’d say this dress was the perfect fit:

after a little dance party in the room, it was time for atoya & sam to meet up for a quiet moment and some portraits:

love how he is looking at her- i love this couple!

after bridal party images, we all headed back inside to atoya’s suite to warm up! the ladies touched up their makeup and the guys enjoyed the snacks. i love this quiet image of atoya just after putting on her veil:

the ceremony began filling up and before we all knew it, it was time. the service was sweet and personal and we were all already grinning from ear to ear when sam took the microphone from the minister and surprised atoya by singing to her! everyone in attendance was glassy-eyed and lots of their guests jumped up to record the moment on phones and cameras. atoya just melted as soon as he started, i love the emotion in all of the shots around that moment:

then it was time for the room-flip! the guests were whisked away to cocktail hour while eliana made sure matt and i had a few moments to photograph the space. danny made atoya’s dreams come true, what a stunning reception:

atoya & sam were ready for the party to start! as soon as they entered, the room seemed to light up with energy and excitement. there was lots of cheering and celebrating and dj sixfive kept everyone dancing until the very end! a great way for atoya & sam to begin their new life together:

instead of a mother/son dance, sam opted to call his mom to the dance floor and thank her for all that she’s done for him. it was a really powerful gesture and it was clear to everyone what a wonderful relationship they share:

i love this next image of atoya and her sweet mom, faye:

atoya & sam, congratulations! we loved capturing your wedding day- every moment was beautiful! we wish you the best!