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Amanda & Jake are Married!

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augusta wedding photography 24This time of year always sends me into reflection- how the previous year has changed me, how the previous 5 years- even 10 years- have molded Kate and me into the family we are today. As we have changed, so has our work. Photographs taken when we started ALTMIX Photography almost 8 years ago look pretty different than the images I make today. Some of you have walked this with us- you’ve seen us stretch ourselves and grow and change into the photographers we are today- and you’ve stuck with us through it all. It is not without a little apprehension that we thank you when we hear you’ve followed our work since the beginning- I want to immediately explain how much I’ve learned and matured- but it’s in those moments that I realize my images still speak the same language they did 8 years ago and you understand that language and ‘get’ my point of view. Amanda is one of those people. She has kept up with our work since 2008 when we photographed a friend of hers. That’s 7 years! What a privilege for me to be able to photograph her wedding all these years later!

sara & tim are married!

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i met sara for the first time the morning of her wedding day. she was warm and welcoming and vibrantly happy- talking excitedly with her bridesmaids and close family members as she made final preparations for the ceremony. as i photographed i was so struck by sara’s energy- she’s passionate, confident and fun- truly one of those people who lights up a room. extraordinary. since matt & i didn’t have a chance to meet these new yorkers before their wedding day, i couldn’t help but wonder who in the world is the guy who gets to marry this tiny powerhouse?? tim, that’s who. lucky guy. :) but i have to say, if anyone is the perfect match for sara, it’s tim. he enjoys every moment as it passes, he is thoughtful and aware of those around him, he can be silly, sweet and interested all at the same time. these two are just perfect together. what a joy it was to spend a day capturing such a wonderful couple!

sara & tim, congratulations! thank you guys so much for having us there to capture such a great day!