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good news!  amy & chad’s braves game engagement extravaganza has made it to the website!  check it out here:

we made it!  ahh, so glad to be home in atlanta!  it was quite the long weekend; we actually ended up spending all day monday sleeping on the beach, but minus some sunburn (don’t bother asking matt to apply sunscreen to your back ;) ) we’re doing a-ok.  phew.  except that it’s 11:30 and i’m exhausted, but maybe that’s not the weekend, maybe i just need to realize that i’m getting old an adult. ;)

so, help please!  should we get netflix?  we’ve been playing with the idea for a while now.  we rarely make it out to the theatre and there are tons of movies out that one or both of us have been wanting to see…and netflix seems easy enough, right?

in exchange for your review of netflix i give you my review of this round handle facial brush.  for the same price of a beginner netflix plan you can own this beauty.  this is the least expensive, most significant thing i own.  use it and there isn’t a stitch of makeup left on your face and you feel all tingly and smooth.  fabulous.  seriously, skip the spa and give this brush a week, you’ll thank me later! ;)

i’m excited about getting some wedding pics up soon; stick around!! 


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bonnie and david have made another stunning appearance, this time on our website, check out their gallery!

it’s been an eventful day already! we squeezed in an engagement session this morning for jessica and earl hours before earl’s leave was scheduled to end, whew! glad we made it though, jessica wanted greenery so over christmas (his next leave) wasn’t quite a viable option. it was great to hang out with them more and take some shots, but it might be a little while before those pictures surface because we have two weddings to go this weekend!!

we’re excited about ed and leanne’s intimate outdoor affair this afternoon/evening. we stopped in the marlow house earlier this week to check out where we’d be shooting and got so inspired by the landscaping and decor, can’t wait to share some pics from there! we’ll be grabbing a few hours of sleep before jumping back in the car and heading to tybee island for jessica and mark’s wedding, ah the beach, can’t even wait! jessica is a friend of matt’s from high school and when i finally met her over christmas she was so excited and happy about her wedding that it really rubbed off on me! they’ll be getting married on the battery which is sure to be classy and i’m also excited i’ll get to see andrea there as a bridesmaid! sounds like good times overload, eh? we shall see! we’re pretty high energy people but this will be the test to see if we ever book a two wedding weekend again! i’ll keep you posted! happy long weekend friends!

colors of spring … ?

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first!  i’m super-excited to announce that sesha and aaron’s wedding gallery is on the website!  check them out!

lately, i’ve been so inspired by bright imagery.  my eyes tend to linger in cool blue shadows and warm yellow highlights – this is the artsy side of me, this makes me truly love how we photograph. 

[i’ve even found myself itching to grab brighter clothes for spring – i might be unrecognizable without my standard black, cream, and grey!  i get this sneaking suspicion (or it bowls me over when i walk into the new safari of color that is lennox mall) that lots of color will be hot this spring, so i’ve timidly picked up a few accent pieces i hope to pluck up the courage to wear!]

but i digress, i meant to talk about photography color, and how i have fallen hard for candy-bright images.  just clicking on our galleries page shows you our dedication to bright, active, lively images and i think our newest gallery is no exception.  however, my favorite images from aaron and sesha’s wedding are all black and white! what?! (have i reverted back to blacks, creams, and greys? oh no!)  i think we’re all a sucker for a black and white sometimes, but you can rest assured that our dedication to color is still as alive and vibrant (oh yes, i said it) as ever.  that being said, here are a few of my loves from last weekend:


have a great weekend guys!  thanks tons for reading (which = making us feel loved :) ) and check back early next week for new engagement pics!