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and it’s begun- the holiday season! let me first just say that i’ve a new found respect for anyone considering a family christmas card this year! yesterday afternoon when matt and i decided it was finally time to take our picture it was laughable. i’m so glad no one was there to watch- although, no doubt it would have been entertaining- at our expense. actually, i would have been ok with some company to giggle with me while matt perfected his ‘model’ pose… bottom line, the other side of the lens is just so intimidating. we tell our clients all of the time- ‘ohhhh, just pretend we’re not here!’ but when it’s time for us to get our picture taken- that camera on a tripod just intimidating- transfixed, unlaughing, at our antics- full of judgement. so basically, we feel your pain. go clients! you rock. way to show us how it’s done!

anyway, i hope we got a good image out of the 40 or so we took- we shall see. i’m sure we’ll be sharing the finished product on here for your scrutiny/viewing pleasure. please be kind- it’s the holidays.

in other news we woke up today to greenville, south carolina, in the home of my parents. i always get so sentimental at this time of year and one of the biggest things i find myself focusing on is just how awesome my family is. my dad is the man, always ready to listen and respond with humor and logic. mom is always encouraging and up-to-date, the woman has twitter and facebook, she is on the ball. my little brother is always the entertainment- never know what’s coming from him but we can always count on him eating whatever we cook and competing at everything now that he has a big brother (matt). we’re all really excited that matt’s now a part of the family- he changes everything in his own, um, special way. all that to say, i have so much to be thankful for and i can’t wait to celebrate it!

on a totally unrelated note: i got new boots today and i couldn’t be more excited. i promised my grandmother and granddaddy that they would be wrapped under the tree for christmas- and they will be- but until then they are on my feet and i’m ecstatic. loves it!

happy thanksgiving to you!