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competition never hurt ;)

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anna and jason, welcome to the gallery! check it out!!

today, there are two things i’d like to tell you about matt: 1.he’s creative. 2.he’s competitive. these things coexist beautifully in our world and it means that we’re rarely bored- standing in line turns into a ridiculous game full of twists and laughter, to-do lists transform into impressive spreadsheets, even photography cannot scoot by without a touch of creative competition!

is it friendly?


but it’s also competition, baby!

throughout the week, matt reads articles on classic photography and new techniques while i browse fine art and fashion photography. we bring to our friendly competition two different backgrounds but a shared purpose, to capture the unique personalities of our clients. when we come home from a shoot and view the images for the first time yes, we’re proud of our own images. more than that, though, a mutual admiration strengthens as we begin to take in each other’s photographs, spot new techniques, and realize that without each other we’re not the complete package. we come as a team because that’s just how we work. like i said, it’s competition, but it’s friendly!

enough of the friendly for a second; we’re shooting this weekend and i cannot even wait to see what happens! …did i mention i’m a teensy bit competitive too? :)

with permission

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with complete permission from the lovely and creative bonnie, i now divulge to you one of the cutest wedding details i’ve ever seen!

prior to meeting, bonnie had mentioned tacking on a few extra shots to the engagement session to use for her thank you notes. we were happy to accommodate this request and just before we headed out for the engagement session she threw two extra shirts in the back of the car – one said ‘thank’ the other said ‘you.’ oh my gosh, adorable!

here are just a few of the many ‘thank you’ shots she’ll have to choose from:





i wish i could help pick the best one, but these two are just too cute to make a decision!

bonnie, these are going to make the most adorable thank you cards! great idea!