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kristen & jordan are married!

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very often matt and i are asked how we like working together, all day, every single day. ;) of course, we wouldn’t have it any other way but it wasn’t always as natural as it is now. working closely on the same projects tends to bring out a little stubbornness in me and, i’ll be honest, a little OCD sometimes too. i want everything the way i picture it and matt feels the exact same way. over the years we’ve had to verbalize to one another what the other’s strengths are and learn to separate our work based on trusting those strengths in each other. it’s not always easy!

having experienced how difficult this can be, we have so much respect for couples who work together. and even more respect for couples who fell in love while working together! actually, kristen & jordan maaay be the only couple we know who has fallen in love while working together. and they weren’t just working at the same company passing in the halls. kristen was a stage manager and producer for many different types of productions at emory while jordan designed the lighting. i imagine this is like matt being in charge of the sun while i’m trying to make the perfect picture- and i’m pretty sure that would actually be way more difficult than what we currently do together. ;) anyway, kristen and jordan became close friends and after a couple of years, went on their first date. it was instantly obvious to kristen & jordan [and everyone around them] that they were meant to be together. i agree! :)

kristen’s dad’s reaction to seeing her for the first time on her wedding day was so sweet:

jordan’s reaction was pretty sweet too! ;)

we took some time for a few couple portraits in their ceremony space before we headed out to explore the grounds around the miller-ward alumni house. i love the uniform frames on these walls- it gives the images such a nice structure!

kristen is just gorgeous! i love the natural beauty in this image:

before we knew it the seats had filled up and it was time for the ceremony.

kristen & jordan had filled the surfaces of the alumni house with images of their relationship as well as their friends and families. as the guests mingled during cocktail hour, they often picked up a frame to look more closely and relive a special time in their own life that they shared with kristen or jordan. it was such a sweet way to bring people together and by the time the reception was to begin it seemed like everyone felt like one big happy family!

meanwhile, the bridesmaids snuck away to be introduced. the holding room:  ;)

kristen & jordan’s friends and family toasted them with poignant, funny and/or embarrassing stories- it was a fun time of remembrance for all:

kristen & jordan, thank you guys so much for having us- we loved capturing you two together surrounded by those who love you the most. we wish you the very best!