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lesley & michael are engaged!

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i got to know lesley while hanging out with her as she performed her maid of honor duties at anna and jason’s wedding. she kept everyone laughing while making sure everything was perfect for anna- now it’s her turn! lesley and michael will be married in april and no doubt anna will be there for lesley just as lesley was for anna. that’s what best friends are for!

last thursday, after scouring atlanta for gas, we took off for thomaston, ga for lesley and michael’s engagement session. we met at michael’s family’s home for a more personal and intimate shoot. as we explored the property we found out that michael is a probation officer and lesley is a high school teacher on her way to law school- the perfect combo for crazy stories! i can only imagine these two regaling one another with stories over dinner, every night, for the rest of their lives. there will be a lot of laughter in their house!

shilpa & toby are engaged!

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matt spent wednesday afternoon enjoying one of his new favorite things, sailing, while shooting an engagement session for an incredible couple from chicago. i haven’t been this jealous in a while; as i got dinner together, matt recounted his afternoon. i listened carefully knowing that we’d be shooting their wedding this weekend and wanting to get to know them as much as possible first. matt told me about how kind they are to one another and how relaxed and comfortable they are together. as doctors in the windy city, shilpa and toby are always learning, teaching and helping. while matt talked about how shilpa listened closely to toby as he gently taught her how to sail, i could see clearly why these two are so successful professionally and also personally, together. it will be beautiful to watch them pledge their lives to one another tomorrow.¬†

later last night while we were watching the olympics matt looked up quickly and said there was one more thing he wanted me to know about them. ‘they like the office!’ ah, saturday will be a good day!

shilpa & toby, we’re looking forward to seeing you guys tonight and tomorrow. i can’t wait to spend time with you and your family and friends!

laura & jason are engaged!

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i’d like you to meet two of our newest favorite people, laura & jason! as many of you who have contacted us know, we’re pretty busy so it’s not easy for us to schedule shoots with short notice unless you’re super hardcore (laura & jason) and willing to get up at 5am to get ready to shoot by sunrise.¬†ridiculous, right?! i mean who in the world looks this rockin’ at 6:30 am?! to put it in perspective matt and i, literally, dressed in the dark- it wasn’t until we arrived that i realized matt had on a light blue vneck, brown plaid shorts and orange socks with his old green pumas and i wasn’t much better. let’s pretend we dressed like that on purpose to elicit smiles and giggles from laura and jason. bottom line, our clients never cease to amaze us; laura and jason, you did a fabulous job being in love in front of the camera- we had a great time with you two:

poor jason- soccer has destroyed his knees. i’m pretty sure this look is masked pain from getting into this position in the first place. i found out about all of the surgeries after this and felt so bad for asking him to take a seat on the ground! i have perfectly healthy knees and it’s not always easy to just drop to the ground- and then there’s getting back up! jason- you’re the man.

how perfect is it that jason holds both of laura’s hands in his one hand!? i love it.

this next black and white is one of my all-time favorite engagement pics we’ve taken. i think it’s just such so beautiful of them.