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hannah & matt are engaged!

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hannah’s from georgia, matt’s from michigan, they met in colorado, had their first date in new york and will have their wedding this spring in georgia before moving to texas, woah, right?! these two are the picture of patience and perseverance! their story unfolded on our drive to a little mountain cabin for engagement pictures this past saturday. here are a few of our faves:






every once in a while matt and i will see a shot we want to take in black and white. since we shoot digitally, we don’t have to worry about pulling out another camera with different film – we go ahead and shoot the image in color and pull out the hues when we get home. these turned out as beautiful as we’d hoped, how cute are these two lovebirds?!



the area surrounding the cabin was beautiful but we could only chase the quickly fading light for so long before we moved to shoot inside:


we were all starving when it was over and headed out to grab some mexican food. hannah and matt are such a transparent couple; we really enjoyed talking about just everything with them!

thank you hannah and matt, we had a great time and we are really looking forward to may 10th!