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Katie & Tom’s Wedding at the ACAC

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Katie & Tom live in Chicago, they were married in Atlanta, and celebrated with a karaoke band from Canada. They are very much in love with one another, their friends, and life in general, and the aura of happiness around them pulled everyone into their celebration. Also, karaoke was a fantastic idea, why haven’t we seen that before? I couldn’t help but laugh as we worked through these photos in preparation for sharing them here- there were just so many amazing moments during their day and it started with their very closest friends, a couple mimosas, and plenty of smiles and encouragement.

Why didn’t I wear a blue suit for my wedding? Gentlemen take note:

We love shooting at the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center. The mix of modern and industrial is nice and the possibilities with the space are endless! Katie & Tom made it their own by adding a backdrop and incorporating more blue and natural details inside- look for more details later in the post.

Family style- such a sweet and intimate way to serve your guests. Since this reception felt like everyone was one big family- it was perfect to serve dinner this way. Love it.

Check out this little isolated spot for a few more couple portraits- I love how soft and peaceful these look.

Meanwhile, rockaraoke was in full swing! The band had a list of songs (tons and tons of songs) that they could play so when you went up to sing you were accompanied by a full band- everyone is a rockstar!

Katie & Tom, congratulations! We are so happy for you two and thank you for allowing us to capture such a beautiful day.