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carolyn & trae are engaged!

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carolyn & trae are the two busiest people i know so when their engagement session got rained out i was so relieved when we found another date before their wedding that would work! but THEN, it rained again. wasn’t there a drought here in the atl not too long ago!? anyway, whatever the weather carolyn & trae were ready and willing to push right through and make the shoot happen! we’d met them at a pretty park near emory and as soon as we were all assembled and ready to go, the rain forced us under cover. we wandered through parking decks, overhangs, construction, loading docks and healthcare buildings searching for covered areas to shoot and looking back, i am seriously impressed by how patient and relaxed these two were! in the end i think their session ended with a pretty diverse sets of images- each little vignette different but beautiful thanks to their love and optimism!

first up, the park we were supposed to be shooting in:


then we moved on… parking decks!


overhangs too! we eventually had to leave this spot when a trash truck showed up, haha, gross!

11_atlanta_wedding_photography_091609 10_atlanta_wedding_photography_091609 09_atlanta_wedding_photography_091609

a few inside during the worst of the rain- thanks emory heathcare system for providing such large windows!

08_atlanta_wedding_photography_091609 07_atlanta_wedding_photography_091609

a few more overhangs and it was a wrap!

06_atlanta_wedding_photography_091609 05_atlanta_wedding_photography_091609 04_atlanta_wedding_photography_091609 03_atlanta_wedding_photography_091609 02_atlanta_wedding_photography_091609 01_atlanta_wedding_photography_091609
carolyn & trae, there’s something special about a couple who can ignore their surroundings and just focus on each other the way you guys can! we are so excited for your upcoming wedding, after this shoot i know it will be such a joyous day!

2nd anniversary!

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today, two years ago, i married my best friend. matt is everything i could never have even imagined that i’d want in a life partner. the way he lives his own life, the way he cares for us, the clarity with which he sees the world- these are things that never made it to the list i made in middle school that started with just, ‘good sense of humor’ although, i am happy to be able to check that off too! ;)

i cooouuuuld write a long sappy post, which i will probably do in the years to come but today, since we’re photographers, and since they say a picture is worth 1000 words, i decided to go with 7000 words in the form of new header images of our little family! check it out! (for you loyal friends in reader, click out please!) we’d love to hear what you think, which image is your fave and, of course, any compliments on stella’s adorableness will be much appreciated!

sneak peek for reader people!


LOVE our clients!

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the other day i was not having the best of days; even matt’s¬†ridiculous¬†expressions were not working their magic. nothing seemed to be going right and on top of it all matt wouldn’t let me out of the crazy workout he had planned- not even when i suggested that throwing up might just happen. how did it not work? was that not the grossest threat i could have made?! i digress. all that to say, it was exactly what i needed when this email appeared in our inbox from one of our recent clients. as we don’t have a testimonials page on our site i just decided to share this here:

we love our clients; they are why we love what we do. spending our weekends capturing real life, real emotion and real intimacy makes us tick. how refreshing to be reminded of that. what a good evening it was!