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mallory & marlon are married!

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there is something magical about watching two lovers and two families become one. that phenomenon has never been more beautiful than it was at mallory and marlon’s wedding. family was the focus of the day and was woven into every detail of the day from the intimate ceremony in telfair square– the only square in savannah named after a family- to the personalized place cards marked with phrases to spawn discussion and friendship. matt and i were both overwhelmed by the tenderness of this couple- the poem they read together as their vows sums up perfectly what i’m trying to say. i could tell story after story about this couple and their wonderful families, but i’ll do that as we go- let’s get started with some images!

after a quick trip to the salon mallory & marlon were up for a few portraits around downtown savannah. they are in love with the city -we are too now!- and they knew exactly a few locations they wanted images taken, awesome!

the staging area was a museum across from the square, the white interior and huge windows made for some of our favorite images of the day!

marlon’s grandparents were too sweet and full of love and advice for the couple as they waited to walk to the ceremony. this is our new favorite image ever:

mallory and marlon were practicing their vows until the last minute and they were perfect at the ceremony!

their reception was held in the beautiful upstairs room at garibaldi’s– walking distance from the ceremony. it was a beautiful day and everyone arrived at the reception ready for more fun:

mallory’s dad looks on as everyone tapped their glasses, encouraging the newlyweds to kiss:

there were some seriously tear-jerking toasts. when marlon talked about the personal gift mallory’s dad presented to him there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.

the rest of the evening there was lots of dancing and laughing and enjoying one another. quite the perfect way to top off a wonderful day.


mallory & marlon, thank you for inviting us into your family for a day, we truly felt like we’d known you forever! you two are amazing people and together you’re perfect. i hope we see you again- you helped us fall in love with savannah, no doubt we’ll be visiting again!  thank you again for everything and best wishes!

here’s to you, athens!

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heather & matt’s slideshow is up! this is one of my favorite engagement shoots ever; their love is so evident! i think i smiled the whole time i was editing these…i’m a sucker.

athens is the home of many beginings for us. it was there that…

…matt got his first camera. he captured athens from the tops of radio towers and campus buildings. anything dangerous and beautiful. he also became the designated photographer for every ad or design project the grady school of journalism could throw his way. his favorite professor, kirsten strausbaugh, even told him that if he got tired of advertising that he should consider photography.

…we met. i was a freshman, he was a senior. i was no doubt obnoxiously sarcastic, he was forgiving. we were friends without expectation of anything more. neither of us were looking for anything else.

…we dated. i still believe i was 100% tricked into our first date. clueless until the very end. let’s just say matt might be too smooth.

…i took photo. deep in the basement of the old art building on north campus i learned to love the musty, vinegary smells of the dark room. my fingers were yellow for days and i spent hours tweaking my images and absorbing the silence. i was hooked on making beautiful images.

…we were married. that was our introduction to the wedding industry. we became familiar with wedding photography and chatted casually about giving that a shot one day…

…we shot our first wedding. it was for a friend who couldn’t find a photographer and asked if i knew of anyone. my response- um, us? after that wedding we spent a few hours with some close friends at the grill downtown, slowly coming to the realization that we wanted to really persue this.

that wedding was a year ago this sunday. woah. we launched the site in january and shot our first wedding as altmix photography on march 22- we closed off booking for ’08 when we hit 30 weddings. we’ve come so far and learned so much. this weekend we’re headed back to ‘ole athens to celebrate. it’s one of our rare off-weekends and even though we’re ticket-less for the game ($600 for 2 tickets!? you’re joking.) we’re excited to enjoy our old stomping grounds, see old friends, maybe run into a few like-minded clients, and tailgate our little hearts out! athens puts things in perspective for us- cannot wait!

savannah to japan

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someone else please get married at dunaway gardens, the backdrop makes for incredible images! ashley & david, i give you your beautiful slideshow:

we got a little carried away in savannah this past weekend. we loved it so much we started looking at property- we even talked to a realtor. those people kinda scare me. i know there are good ones but joe was a wheeler dealer from nyc and i couldn’t keep up with the guy. i think he was trying to assure us that he wouldn’t pressure us into anything but i don’t really know as i was distracted by the misplaced ‘r’s and all the ‘d’s instead of ‘th’s. love the accent.

anyway, we shook ourselves to our senses, remembered why we love atlanta and ran away to grab food- the true theme of the weekend. we stayed in savannah three nights and ate at 11 different restaurants, clearly we have our priorities in the correct order. and thanks to the lovely jessica we did not miss out on the best gelato in town- the ricotta and fig was incredible! we were able to score a sweet little house in the historic district for a great price and the ability to walk everywhere we wanted to go was worth every cent- i even walked to the hair salon saturday morning to start shooting! i’m very excited to post the wedding we shot while there, that should be happening soon!

overall it was a fantastic mini getaway for us! one of the things we love about what we do is experiencing all of the different places we travel. although we haven’t traveled too far (yet!) we’ve been able to see many places we would never have visited otherwise. so if you’re reading this and you live anywhere from washington to spain or from france to japan (read: anywhere in the whole world) we’d love to hear from you!

here are a few images from the trip. i like having the camera, it keeps me out of the shots- though matt called me out on it earlier today when we were looking through pics. i’ll have to be more stealthy about it in the future.