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michelle’s open house soiree!

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last sunday matt and i had the unique opportunity to document our friend michelle’s open house. we really had a great time shooting all of her beautiful decor and meeting so many amazing vendors- for obvious reasons my new best friends are the amazing ladies of dreamy gelato and chocolates. i spent lots of time taking pictures over there…heh. heh. anyway, it was a great way to spend our sunday afternoon, thanks for having us michelle!! here are a few of my faves, there were so many awesome table designs, it was hard to narrow it down! first of all, the adorable bumblebees of the ‘mommy to bee’ table design:

this next one was for a sweet sixteen- yes those are earrings (favors) hanging on the candle. what 16 year old wouldn’t love this?!

‘perfect match couples shower’ um, perfect!

a well placed feather can really make an event and peacocks are beautiful! the color!

as i mentioned in my last post, i’m a sucker for anything that looks jewel-like:


i leave you with chocolate. you’re welcome. 

now off to clean the apartment! my little bro and his lady friend are coming to atl this weekend for the clemson game; it’ll be awesome to spend a weekend off hanging out with those two! i’ll try to be really stealthy and get you a picture of dan- we’ll see how it goes. happy labor day!

amy & chad are married!

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since spending the evening at a braves game getting to know this awesome couple, we’ve been super excited for their wedding so when it finally rolled around this past weekend we were ready! i met amy at their house in time to shoot the talented rochelle doing her thing with amy’s golden locks. from there we headed to tracy ewell for the most perfect and detail oriented makeup application i’ve ever seen- 1.5 hours? worth it; check out how fabulous she looks! while i was hanging out doing girl stuff, matt was with chad and his adorable son noah as they got spiffy together at the home of one of chad’s groomsmen. noah was suuuch a ham for the camera it was tough to pick our faves of the little guy! we’ll start with a few (super huge! i LOVE the new blog!) getting ready shots:

amy and chad were married at holy spirit catholic church. wow, what a beautiful place! the ceremony was short and sweet and after a few portraits we were off to lit kitchen in atlantic station. matt and i had never been there but apparently they teach cooking classes which- based on the appetizers that amy encouraged us to grab- i need to take! so, amazing food, but really what thrilled us the most was watching their family and friends party together! they all seemed to love to dance; between chad and his little sister i think everyone there was pulled out on that dance floor at least once! it was a great party full of smiles and laughter and color and class- perfect. here are a few of our faves:

everyone in this next image is somehow related to amy. i never quite figured it out but they all grouped together and it was awesome- there’s just so much love and excitement in this image!

amy giving her best friend a hug after an emotional, very sweet, toast.

rarely do we turn the camera to a guest to show a picture we’ve taken of them; usually we try to stay invisible and surprise them later on the blog or slideshow. but in the case of these two dancers matt decided to show them how awesome they are. usually we get a laugh and it boosts their confidence to dance like crazy the rest of the evening but in this case the lovely lady commented, ‘ooo, great depth of field!’ when matt told me that story it made me happy!

sometimes i get obsessed with the way light can turn a normal object into a jewel. during these times i usually take five thousand pictures of things like champaign glasses.

the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom gettin’ down on the dance floor! i think these two families have a great future together, huh?

noah turned this poor lady’s hair into a bird’s nest, no doubt she forgave him the minute he looked up at her with his big eyes and cheeks, who couldn’t?

often when you have a vision, the best way to see it through is to do it yourself. that’s what amy did and check out the result!

noah is in love with his mimi- amy. he only walked down the aisle with the rings because she said she was coming right behind him! their relationship is so sweet, this next image just makes me melt.

amy & chad, thank you both for asking us to be part of such a perfect day! everything was beautiful and so ‘you.’ i hope you are having an incredible time sipping cocktails on the warm beaches of cabo, you’re not missing anything but a little rain and humidity here in atl! best wishes!

our new blog!

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here we are! ahhh, isn’t it just so fresh!? 

so this is our new blog and we love the space, the colors, the header- it changes!, the twitters and the stylish comment boxes- actually i think it’s safe to say i’m obsessed with the comment boxes. the new images are going to be huge and we are stoked about that too! and, hello! the background wallpaper!? so what do you think? questions, comments? we’re shamelessly asking for feedback here- still tweaking!

ahhh, it’s good to be home!

ps, firefox users: your browser has us stumped. my brilliant husband who rocked the rest of this blog design/construction cannot figure out how in the world to align our twitter badges for you. we’re still working on it, until then, just know that we care about you.