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mallory & marlon are married!

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there is something magical about watching two lovers and two families become one. that phenomenon has never been more beautiful than it was at mallory and marlon’s wedding. family was the focus of the day and was woven into every detail of the day from the intimate ceremony in telfair square– the only square in savannah named after a family- to the personalized place cards marked with phrases to spawn discussion and friendship. matt and i were both overwhelmed by the tenderness of this couple- the poem they read together as their vows sums up perfectly what i’m trying to say. i could tell story after story about this couple and their wonderful families, but i’ll do that as we go- let’s get started with some images!

after a quick trip to the salon mallory & marlon were up for a few portraits around downtown savannah. they are in love with the city -we are too now!- and they knew exactly a few locations they wanted images taken, awesome!

the staging area was a museum across from the square, the white interior and huge windows made for some of our favorite images of the day!

marlon’s grandparents were too sweet and full of love and advice for the couple as they waited to walk to the ceremony. this is our new favorite image ever:

mallory and marlon were practicing their vows until the last minute and they were perfect at the ceremony!

their reception was held in the beautiful upstairs room at garibaldi’s– walking distance from the ceremony. it was a beautiful day and everyone arrived at the reception ready for more fun:

mallory’s dad looks on as everyone tapped their glasses, encouraging the newlyweds to kiss:

there were some seriously tear-jerking toasts. when marlon talked about the personal gift mallory’s dad presented to him there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.

the rest of the evening there was lots of dancing and laughing and enjoying one another. quite the perfect way to top off a wonderful day.


mallory & marlon, thank you for inviting us into your family for a day, we truly felt like we’d known you forever! you two are amazing people and together you’re perfect. i hope we see you again- you helped us fall in love with savannah, no doubt we’ll be visiting again!  thank you again for everything and best wishes!


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first of all – allison, adam, maggie and gunner have made it to the gallery page! check out their family style e.shoot here:

so on our way home last weekend we stopped through savannah for a few hours to explore. first stop was the lady and sons to see if by some miracle we could be seated for lunch. i waited in line while matt parked and when i got up to the hostess she said there was no availability until nine that night – as it was 11:30 am i politely declined and crossed the street (mostly because i was embarrassed to have waited in line and declined) to wait for matt. with my senses heightened (embarrassment will do that to you!) i caught the tail end of a phone conversation that prompted me to suck it up and cross back to the lady in sons and get back in line. i heard the girl on the phone say something about bar seating in the restaurant and to me bar = no reservations. matt arrived as i edged back up to the front of the line and to make a long story short we were seated in less than 10 minutes, at a table no less! super exciting, a great way to kick off the savannah fun.

stuffed to the brim we knew a good walk was in order before we could get in the car and drive back to atlanta. we found some great little shops but one shop in particular caught my eye. i believe this might catch your eye too, check out the vintage dress in the window below (thanks to the iphone), there was no way i was going to pass this up!

let me tell you, this beautiful window teaser did not disappoint!  i could have spent hours pouring over the unique details of the shop, the products, the product display, the paper, the clothing…sigh, perfect.  i was totally inspired and on the verge of re-branding altmix photography right there to incorporate some of the vintage goodness.  if you’re in or around savannah you can’t miss this little shop, @home, vintage general, check out their blog here.  to tie this into weddings i have to let you know that they carry the perfectly adorable mindy weiss, two’s company collection.  oh, aaand the paper products there were fabulous!  overall the trip to savannah was just what we needed though we’re glad to be home.  ok, this post has gotten so long i’m a little doubtful that you’re still reading…hello??  it’s ok, i’ll try to keep them shorter in the future! ;)  hope you’re having a fabulous friday!