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atlanta love

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we have been so touched by all the emails and calls we’ve gotten since the tornado/bad weather here in atl. we feel very blessed that we were out of town when it hit and that our home was unharmed. we walked around when we got back in the city this morning and we were so inspired by the atlanta community. everyone was out and ready to lend a hand:











we love you atlanta.

what’s new?

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let grant and lucy blow you away! check out their new gallery on the website!


it’s been really exciting for us to shoot engagement sessions the last five weeks in a row! getting to know our couples is top priority for us and we’ve certainly been blessed to do so much of that lately! it has been thrilling to watch our little business grow; every time we’ve received a contract from one of you we’ve done a little dance in your honor (so thank you! ;)). just last night matt and i were musing

what if this time last year we’d known this is where we’d be today? would we have believed it?

i’m not sure i would have! thank you all -clients, family, friends- for being so encouraging, loving, and understanding. our ’08 calendar is filling up fast and we have your incredible word.of.mouth advertising to thank! you all are the best!

with permission

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with complete permission from the lovely and creative bonnie, i now divulge to you one of the cutest wedding details i’ve ever seen!

prior to meeting, bonnie had mentioned tacking on a few extra shots to the engagement session to use for her thank you notes. we were happy to accommodate this request and just before we headed out for the engagement session she threw two extra shirts in the back of the car – one said ‘thank’ the other said ‘you.’ oh my gosh, adorable!

here are just a few of the many ‘thank you’ shots she’ll have to choose from:





i wish i could help pick the best one, but these two are just too cute to make a decision!

bonnie, these are going to make the most adorable thank you cards! great idea!