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leigh & ryan are engaged!

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apparently leigh & ryan are at one with the universe. or nature owes them a favor. either way, i cannot remember the last time we enjoyed such a PERFECT blend of love, sun, mist, pastures and connection. maybe we never have. but let me just say that about 10 minutes into shooting these lovebirds our cameras could have exploded and we’d still have been 100% THRILLED with the images we’d captured. leigh & ryan are relaxed together; they glow with joy and a deep sense of understanding flows between them. sometimes they joke with one another and sometimes they just talk sweetly and quietly but no matter what they are up to they are clearly perfect together. spending the early hours of the morning capturing these two on the beautiful grounds of berry college was a dream come true. quite literally since i may have actually been in an out of dreams having woken up at 5am to start shooting at sunrise. it was beyond worth it; this shoot definitely makes it in our top favorite shooting experiences ever:

oh leigh & ryan, where to begin with you guys? i am SO glad we finally found the perfect date and time for these images- you guys truly were amazing to capture. we are so looking forward to the wedding day- capturing everything as you guys start your new life together will be such a blessing.