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our new blog!

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here we are! ahhh, isn’t it just so fresh!? 

so this is our new blog and we love the space, the colors, the header- it changes!, the twitters and the stylish comment boxes- actually i think it’s safe to say i’m obsessed with the comment boxes. the new images are going to be huge and we are stoked about that too! and, hello! the background wallpaper!? so what do you think? questions, comments? we’re shamelessly asking for feedback here- still tweaking!

ahhh, it’s good to be home!

ps, firefox users: your browser has us stumped. my brilliant husband who rocked the rest of this blog design/construction cannot figure out how in the world to align our twitter badges for you. we’re still working on it, until then, just know that we care about you.

anna & jason are married!

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saturday was a perfectly beautiful day for a wedding, really cool for august and sunny as can be. absolutely nothing could damper anyone’s spirits- not even the fact that many of us stayed up until the opening ceremonies ended and the groomsmen’s tee time was at 8:45- it was just that beautiful outside. while the men golfed (much to anna’s surprise, ‘jason doesn’t really golf?’) the ladies enjoyed some quality time and amazing southern cooking at sally’s, a cozy little house turned restaurant. the next stop for the girls was the salon to tell stories, laugh, drool over purses, and take turns with candie, their favorite stylist. i’ll quit talking for now and share a few of our fave images:

after everyone’s hair looked fabulous and a purse might have been purchased the ladies made their way to the church to finish getting ready, relax and grab a few little snacks before the ceremony:

we really really love taking time with a couple to grab some shots of the two of them together, soaking in that this is the day they’ve been anticipating for so long. it’s always so sweet to watch the couple forget the hustle and bustle and focus on each other…and it makes for such honest images!

the band started and the party began, and oh, so many happy people everywhere! there were glistening eyes all around as anna and jason, high school sweethearts and now husband and wife, were introduced. here are a few of our favorite moments:

anna & jason, congratulations! in all your years as a couple it seems you only fell further in love and learned better and better how to care for each other. watching your families celebrate your marriage was a beautiful thing and we thank you so much for asking us to be part of it. enjoy the caribbean and relax together, we wish you the best!

trisha & brody are married!

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you all know what we do about two wedding weekends (we don’t!), but this was a special case. matt lived with brody for three years in college and when they asked us to shoot their wedding we just couldn’t say no. now friends, this was no ordinary wedding. this was a surprise wedding! what?!? i know…that’s what we said. we agreed to shoot knowing that if anyone in the whole world could pull this off it would be brody and trish- and oh, they pulled it off! brody is a youth pastor and trish spends a lot of time with the church as well so their first decision was made for them, they would have it at their church on a sunday morning…during the service. from there the plan was for brody to do the children’s sermon about getting married by showing them how a wedding works. there were small exclamations and whispers as the congregation began to catch on to what was happening. when brody finally invited trish to walk down the aisle, eyes were glistening all around me. it was quite the surprise!  here are a few of our faves:

brody grabbing the ironing board while zo hams it up for the camera:

meet trish, isn’t brody sooo lucky?!

one of my most favorite shots ever, the detailing in her dress was amazing:

headed to the church, i like the slight edginess to this photo, totally goes with this couple’s style!

brody about to get things started, i just cannot imagine what he’s feeling, hardly anyone in that church knows what’s about to happen and i know he was totally excited but didn’t want to give it away- so much emotion!!

look at these two, gosh, their love is so evident!

their reception was a fiesta for the whole church! the decorations were awesome and the food was delish (and homemade!!).  we just couldn’t resist this shot:

and they’re off! where they went after this bubbly exit was a surprise too, even to trish! 

trish & brody, you know we love you. you know we think you rock. you know you threw an awesome wedding and party, but let me tell you something. we love you. we think you totally rock and your wedding was just perfect for you and tons of fun!