rachel & zach are married!

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you might have read about how excited we were for rachel and zach’s wedding in my last post about their awesome rehearsal dinner. i have to say, we had every reason to be so pumped; their wedding was incredible! the day began a little rainy (always a slight bummer for an outdoor ceremony ;)) but cleared up beautifully in time for the chairs to dry and guests to arrive sans umbrellas, how perfect! the perfection continued throughout their ceremony; their backdrop of pastures (complete with running horses in the distance – i told you, perfect!) framed by mountains was completely breathtaking. it was our first time shooting at neverland farms and (now that we know how to get there ;)) i really hope it won’t be our last! we’re shaking it up a little for you guys and splitting their wedding day into two posts so stay tuned for part II, ‘the equally perfect reception.’ (please excuse my gross overuse of the word ‘perfect’ it just describes their day so, well, p-excellently ;)) enjoy!

clearly a little princess and so so sweet!

girls can spend hours arriving and getting ready: hair then makeup – repeat! they guys usually just roll up looking this good:

the only shot with shoes, rachel is really laid back and thoughtful – after testing the mushy ground she suggested they all go barefoot!

all musicians should be encouraged to wear pinstripes, love it!

on the way to the ceremony!

the carriage was awesome; such a southern touch!

walking down the aisle, so excited to start the next chapter of her life:

…and zach catches his first glimpse of his bride:

just sweet (also, love the back of her dress!):

married, and thrilled, and ready for the reception!

love the faces:

such a classy couple:

reception pics to follow!


  • Paul says:

    These photos are great. You captured the spirit of this fun group. You can tell that all of these people love each other – and are comfortable with each other. What a fun wedding this must have been.

  • Noooooooooooo! Hurry up and put up the reception pictures! This is my favorite wedding (so far) and I can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures. In fact, I kinda wish I was at the wedding – and I don’t even know those people!

    Must be some good photography…..


  • Hawley says:

    LOVE THE COLORS and personality of the bride/groom that comes out in your photography! Awesome :) Brava (come sempre)

  • jan says:

    As the mother of the bride, I am a bit prejudiced, but…you are so right; it could NOT have been more perfect!!! What an excellent job you guys did…can’t wait for more. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.

  • Jake Pfeifer says:

    As the brother of the bride, and one of the groomsman, I just had to leave a comment on here. I have been in 5 weddings, but I can honestly say that this was the most beautiful and by far the most fun that I have ever had, not only in a wedding, ever, and I mean ever. You guys took some great shots, and were super professional. My whole family and I were so impressed with you guys, you didn’t act like you were doing a job, you acted like you wanted to be there and were having as much fun as we were. I mean I want you guys to come to all my parties, and not to take pictures, just to party with us. Great, great job, and I can’t emphasize enough how much fun we had with you guys. If anyone is looking for photographers for any event, then I highly, HIGHLY recommend that you go with these guys. We had an absolute blast, and you guys contributed to that more than you’ll ever know. Thanks again, and you’ll be getting an invite to my next party, or Braves game, or a night out on the town. Love you guys! Yes, love you guys!

  • A. Morgan says:

    I have thoroughly enjoyed both the shots from the wedding as well as the rehearsal dinner. Look forward to seeing you guys soon, keep up the good work.

  • Steph says:

    i think i see rach. not the bride rachel (who looks gorgeous!)… but my friend rachel!! thats so awesome :)

  • Rachek Abbate says:

    The pictures are so good . Are their pictures more to come .

  • […] first met jennifer at rachel and zach’s wedding. she was a bridesmaid and engaged which meant she was super helpful while mentally making notes […]

  • […] first met jennifer at rachel and zach’s wedding. she was a bridesmaid and engaged which meant she was super helpful while mentally making notes […]

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