the night before…

By May 4, 2008Extras

first of all we’re excited to welcome sally and andrew’s recent wedding to our gallery page, enjoy!

as you probably know, matt and i love getting to know our couples prior to their wedding day.  engagement sessions are our primary way of connecting before the day, but after friday night we’re totally excited to attend more rehearsal dinners!  it’s a great time for the families to get used to us and promptly forget we’re there, perfect for great candids!  friday night we had the privilege of photographing rachel and zach’s rehearsal dinner at the clubhouse. their families were hysterical and super fun; the room was overflowing with emotion and love.  it really is a lifesaver that i was holding a camera in front of my face, because how embarrassing is it that i kept tearing up during toasts to a couple i only met last month?!  at the end of the evening after everyone was out of (joyful) tears, matt and i headed home so excited for the wedding the next day!  here are a few of our favorite pictures from the dinner, stay tuned for wedding images soon!

the beautiful bride rachel talking with her mom:

the flowers were beautiful but i couldn’t resist including some family in the shot:

matt and i both cracked up when we were looking over images and found this one:

a little more of the decor:

the groom, handsome as ever despite a little sunburn from golfing earlier that day:

this shot is pretty typical of the night, lots of fun and love:

rachel’s best friend jennifer gave a really sweet toast to the couple (note: this was one of my teary moments as well):

sisters and best friends:

thanks rachel and zach for having us, we really enjoyed getting to know you guys!


  • Dennis says:

    Looks like it was a fun time!

  • mrsthomason says:

    These are SOOO good! Great emotion; the bride must LOVE them!

  • Lia says:

    I love these. I wish you guys would photograph every event in my life to capture the emotion like you have in these photos! Sigh…

  • Hawley says:

    Katie! You overflow with enthusiasm, joy, love, and grace. I love reading your blogs because they are rife with excitement and passion and love. So positive, uplifting, and driven. I am so happy for YOU and for MATT and for how you make these couples and their families feel. It is a joy to get glimpses of your phenomenal work. Thanks for sharing it all with us :)

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