amy & dan are married!

By June 2, 2010Weddings

since the moment we left our meeting with amy & dan we’ve been looking forward to their wedding day! they told us all about their vision- everything from finding and creating an intimate environment for their ceremony to their inability to talk about their best friends without huge smiles and laughs had us excited- we couldn’t wait to see it all come together and experience it with them! when their day finally came we were ready- or at least we thought we were! you see, amy & dan are korean so i thought having matt (who’s 1/2 korean- you guys knew that, right?) in my life had prepared me for a day like amy & dan’s but i was way off! by capturing the details of the day and talking with amy and her ladies i learned SO much about this culture i am only a small part of and it made me want to learn so much more! i can’t wait to see matt’s mom next so i can talk to her about it all! anyway, besides my newly discovered lack of knowledge about korean culture i enjoyed the day immensely and it seems amy & dan did as well. from the moment i arrived at the salon the enthusiasm and laughter of amy and her closest girlfriends started the day on a beautiful note. and not to be superficial, but also lovely was amy’s perfectly natural style- from her hair and makeup to the flowers and her dress, everything was sophisticated yet approachable- modern and clean with notes of earthy rustic goodness- just a beautiful blend of so many things amy & dan love! but i’m getting carried away- let’s begin with the most makeup i’ve ever seen in my life:

while i was marveling over the tiny nuances within 100 shades of purple eyeshadow, matt was hanging out with dan and the guys as they relaxed- half watching tv while enjoying golden glasses of scotch and discussing everything from favorite restaurants to good movies to computers…the last of which reminded dan to sneak off and print out his vows! i love these shots matt captured:

the ladies arrived at the house in time for amy to exclaim over the beautiful bouquets in the kitchen before sliding into her dress and jumping in the car for some portraits on emory’s campus- where she and dan first met!

amy & dan are a joy to be around and capture! dan’s quiet comments (i didn’t catch 1/2 of them!) repeatedly send amy into peals of laughter through which you can easily see her love for him and just life in general- this next series is just a little picture of a moment like that:

oh, and when they aren’t laughing with joy they are straight fierce- just stunning:

these next images are two of my favorite things about their day- remember how i mentioned an intimate ceremony space being part of their vision? to achieve this they decided to arrange their guests in a circle in the garden. there was so much symbolism in that decision and it really was the perfect touch for their wedding. another of my favorite things was their tree planting ceremony where amy & dan each added earth followed by each set of parents taking a turn watering the sapling- it just struck me as so sweet and respectful and loving:

just a couple of last minute images before the ceremony began:

just after the ceremony amy & dan were overcome with emotion and took just a moment to be alone and soak it all in:

the reception started with an amazing korean meal served family style at each table- yet another nod to the intimate design and feeling of their wedding day. the guests enjoyed talking together and sharing as dish after dish of brightly colored, steaming goodness was presented to each table. i diverted my attention to capturing the beautiful decor before i actually drooled. [sidenote: when we had a sec to eat a little later on it couldn’t be denied- some of the best food we’ve ever tasted at a wedding! two thumbs up, bold!]

and then the dancing started! and it NEVER slowed down! everyone there was out on the dance floor celebrating with amy & dan- there was not a still foot in the house! such fun to capture it all- i’m so envious of all of their moves:

amy & dan, thanks so much for including us in your wedding day- really, we had such an amazing time with you guys! everything was so wonderful- thinking back to our first meeting it seems you guys had the perfect day you envisioned from the start! i’m sure we’ll run into you around the city- we look forward to it!


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