cake & pictures!

By June 14, 2010Extras

first of all, i’ve never been a huge fan of cake. i grew up with cookies and brownies on my birthday- always avoiding the sponginess of dry, artificially flavored birthday cake. BUT THEN- i grew up! i started going to weddings! i started to work in the wedding industry- an industry fraught with cake obsession- and i had to give it another shot. this time it was different- i LOVED it! fresh raspberries, smooth ganache, rich vanilla- thank goodness i tried it again! i’m pretty sure i’d have been kicked straight out of this industry if things had gone differently… ;)

so it is with that introduction that i introduce you to a perfectly delightful website called cake & pictures -‘an exclusive directory of simply the finest wedding photographers in the world’ where you’ll find a lovely shout out to amy & dan and lil ole altmix photography, thankyouverymuch! so please jump on over to their site to leave them some love and check out the sweetness:

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